New to Blu-Ray/DVD for June 10, 2014 – “True Detective,” “Non-Stop,” “Jack Ryan”

true detective blu rayTrue Detective – Probably the most anticipated new release of the week is for HBO’s most buzz-worthy show since “Game of Thrones.” Two detectives (Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey) find their lives entangled during a 17-year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana. This was a show I really wanted to watch, but got so far behind I just decided to wait until it arrived on home video so now look for a binge recap of the first season soon.
True Detective [Blu-ray]

non stop blu ray coverNon-Stop – Liam Neeson stars in this better than expected airplane thriller about an air marshal who has to meet a psychopath’s ransom before he murders everyone on a transatlantic flight. Neeson is awesome as always in these action roles, but he’s got some tremendous supporting help from Julianne Moore, Scoot McNairy, Nate Parker and Michelle Dockery in a genuinely-twist-filled thriller that will have you guessing right up until the final act.
Non-Stop (Blu-ray + DVD + DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet)

jack ryan shadow recruit blu ray coverJack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – Chris Pine assumes the reins of the famed CIA agent. In this series reboot, Pine is a young agent working alongside Kevin Costner trying to stop a Russian terrorist attack that could jeopardize the American economy.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)







  • Barry Murray

    True detective is great.
    I also liked Non-Stop.
    I was totally convinced that Liam Neeson had gone bananas and he was indeed the hijacker, as the first few people ended at his hands, lol.
    I would have been happy if it ended that way. A movie shot from the point of view he is the hero then turning it on it’s head, showing, he is the crazy man.

  • Yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to checking it out.

    Kind of like one of Christopher Nolan’s films? (without spoiling it in case you didn’t see it).

  • Barry Murray

    Sammy Jankis…

  • 🙂
    Indeed! I love that movie!

  • Barry Murray

    It’s great. But i have to admit that i can’t just pop it on any time. I have to be in the mood for Momento.
    I can watch The Dark Knight Rises, The Prestige, Inception, over an over again, several times a day but i need to want to watch Momento.

  • I’m with you. I definitely find the others faster on video rotation than Memento.

  • keith

    no perception two right? i mean i have only watched it once, but the experience in the theater was so good. people actually shutup and didnt move during the whole film. it was heck of dream tripping out movie. speaking of those type of movies, i think i stopped remotely liking tom cruise after vanilla sky. the horror. you make that movie now, he is going out of business as print media dies lol.

  • keith


  • I don’t remember “Vanilla Sky” being that awful. Granted, it’s not in my collection and I have no great desire to add it, but what was so bad about it?

  • keith

    Yep, my home state creates some um interesting stories. Fiction can hold a candle to the truth. Just look at “bobby”(fake name) jindal, edwin edwards, and oh and the dc mamade favorite trick David Vitter. You know he is Mr. family values. Sorry.. a mini rant. Still love home but I see why it gets a bad rap at times. And of course God fearing, but bigoted fakes that are the duck dynasty folks.

  • Ah. I’ve been wondering where you were. How was your trip here?

  • Pierre Mooney

    Hey Jeff, I am still in the States. Right now I am in L.A. Just walked Dow Hollywood Boulevard last night. Checking out the hand prints.(smile). I understand you are getting married. Congratulations I wish you both 100 years of happiness as they say in Vietnam. I plan to go back to Maryland after another short stop in Las Vegas to see my son again. I hope to get a chance to stop by and see your Dad and Mom, but I have so many things to take care of. But I will be back in October for my 50th High School Reunion.

  • Very cool. Hope you’re taking lots of pics!

    Yes I am. Next month so I’m in the home stretch, which is why I’m writing so much now 🙂
    When you’re back in MD, let me know.