• Barry Murray

    Never heard of her. Is she famous?

  • My friend. I believe you’ve won the post of the month with that one 😉

  • Barry Murray

    Haha. I bet.
    To be honest, i don’t read newspapers, don’t want the news, don’t listen to the radio, and try to avoid sports.
    I only found out today that this is a world cup year.
    I hate football.
    But i have even less time for people who are in the public eye, lol.

  • keith

    well I generally dont care about her and kanye music has soured for me, but hey man to woman… im pleased with her ONLY talent in the world. odds this marriage ends in 2-3 years, then maybe kanye will make a great album. he seems to do when he is either really happy or really pissed off.

  • Yeah. She truly just has one, but it’s certainly impressive.