Jason Momoa confirmed as Aquaman in “Dawn of Justice”; Flash may show up too

With Jason Momoa all but officially announced as Aquaman for “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” there’s now word that Flash may be zooming in as well.

Jason Momoa teasing AquamanMomoa has been pretty coy about his rumored role with the film for awhile, but teased a familiar image to Aquaman fans on his Instagram.

The Daily SuperHero is reporting that The Flash will have a glorified cameo in the film that already will try to squeeze in enough camera time for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Alfred, Lex Luthor and now Momoa’s Aquaman.

According to DSH, Flash will be making a quickie (sorry) appearance in security camera footage that shows him stopping a robbery in progress, as seen by a “sudden flash of wind.”

Alex-Ross-Green-Lantern-Flash-Aquaman-e1301270990800At this point, “Dawn of Justice” is really just a “Justice League” setup anyway so they may as well cram as many heroes in it as possible and that hardly sounds that offensive.

What do you think? Too much or the more the merrier?


  • Barry Murray

    The more the merrier. I hope it works out for DC and that they get something akin to the Marvel movie universe out of this. I can’t help but feel it’s too little, too late, and a bit forced. They have all the best superheroes, but rarely put them to good use in movies. Here’s hoping it works out this time. I reckon Momoa will make a great Aquaman. I met him once in vancouver at a convention. I got a great pic taken with him!

  • Hey man. If you’re willing to share, I’d love to share your Celebrity Encounter with everyone.

  • Barry Murray

    Lol. It’s nothing spectacular. I was at a fan convention.
    I was waiting in line to get a pic with him and when it was my turn he said: “you’re really short, dude”. Just for a laugh, i suppose. We got a pic but it was blurred, so the photographer took another one and Jason jumped up on my back so i would appear even shorter, lol.

  • Do you remember how long ago and which one by any chance?

  • Barry Murray

    Sure. It was the Creation Entertainment 2008 Vancouver Stargate convention, held in the Burnaby Hilton in early april.
    I also had a fun run-in with Alexis Cruz. He was being interviewed for Gateworld and i was the stills cameraman for the interview. He was being videoed, and i was just to silently take still images for the Gateworld site from behind the video camera.
    Halfway through the interview(and halfway through Alexis telling a funny story), my phone started ringing(My Brother, wondering where the hell i was!).
    I was really embarrassed, and Kavan Smith was sitting off to one side laughing his ass off when i was getting chewed out by the interviewer, lol.
    Fun times!

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