Birthday Wishes – June 18, 2014 – #Arrow star Willa Holland; Renee Olstead

willa holland arrowWilla Holland (23) – Happy birthday to one of the more underrated members of the Arrow cast. Here’s to an awesome birthday and can’t wait to see what Dark Speedy will look like now that Thea will be spending more time learning the ways of the Dark Side. (That’s spoiler free for you slackers who missed most of Season 2’s awesomeness). 

ReneeOlstead hot in white dressRenee+Olstead+hotPremiere+Marvel+StudiosRenee Olstead (25) – While The Secret Life of the American Teenager may have ended, I have a sneaky suspicion you won’t be out of work for too long so long as casting directors have remotely functional eyes … Looking forward to seeing your new Skype-theme horror film, Offline, later this year as the premise sounds very fun.

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  • keith

    functional eyes lol. speaking of thillers did you see the trailer for No good deed. Idris going to be doing the stalking instead of a cute white lady chasing him in a flim this time lol. that movie was okay and humorous as beyonce acting was kind of bad but funny at the same time. You should post the trailer. Im sure you mentioned it in your black actress post from months back. I still give you props on that list. If i knew the emojii for hands claps I would insert them

  • LOL.
    I’m actually working on some new trailers today. I’ll add that to the list.

    Thanks man. That was truly a labor of love 😉

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