Birthday Wishes – #CougarTown Busy Phillips @Busyphilipps25 and La La Anthony @lala


busy phillips cougar townBusy Phillips (35) Raising a glass of wine to one of my favorites of the “Cougar Town” crew. So glad that TBS was smart enough to pick up the series so we could experience a few more seasons of one of the best ensemble comedies on TV.

La La Anthony (35)

la la anthony hotLala-Vasquez-bikiniHopefully your roles in “Think Like a Man Too” and “Baggage Claim” are just the beginning of a long and fruitful film career that will lead to more starring roles in the future as opposed to smaller supporting roles. Looking forward to “November Rule” and hoping that will prove another hit for you as well.




  • keith

    i dont know why it took me so long to see la la as attractive. Maybe the bikini had something do with it and I like her her down. or maybes the voice though. I would take to be the femail ryan seacreast anyday if that ever happens again

  • Yeah, I was kinda late to the party with her too, but the last year or so she went from “she’s pretty” to “man she’s really hot!”

  • Anonymous

    M.P. V.P.