2016 may be biggest blockbuster season ever

As more and more studios started booking slots in 2015, it became clear that next year’s slate of films could possibly be the greatest lineup in cinema history.

There’s sequels to vastly popular franchises like “The Hunger Games,” “Jurassic Park,” “The Terminator” and “James Bond.” The public relations disaster with Edgar Wright and Marvel Studios has more people buzzing about “Ant-Man” than ever before and fans are simultaneously leery/curious as to what will become of “Fast & Furious 7” and how the franchise will handle the death of co-leading man Paul Walker. That doesn’t account for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” undoubtedly the most anticipated comic book sequel ever and possibly the most anticipated sequel period with “Star Wars: Episode VII.”

But the more 2015 got jam-packed, other studios opted to plant their flag in 2016 and all the shuffling the scheduling deck has led to an interesting scenario where 2016 is looking like it could rival 2015’s all-star lineup. Here’s the impressive lineup of what is slated to show up in theaters two years from now.

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  • Fred

    Because of the variety of films releasing in 2016, it could be the biggest year ever at the box office. But I don’t see any one single film in 2016 that will match “The Avengers: Age Of Ultron” at the box office and maybe not ‘Star Wars VII’ either.

  • Nah that’s a serious 1-2 punch there and you’re not counting Hunger Games Mockingjay

  • Fred

    True, I didn’t meant to leave out ‘Mockingjay part 2’ which will be huge as well. I think it will battle out it with ‘Star Wars VII’ for second place in the domestic battle but ‘Star Wars’ will make money overseas.

  • I wonder. That could prove to be the biggest battle of 2015.

  • Fred

    Oops I meant to say Star Wars will make more money overseas than The Hunger Games, but the domestic box office numbers between these two films could be popular.

  • I gotcha. Yeah, worldwide SW should win out.

  • Fred

    Depending on how Star Wars VII plays out with audiences, I think the battle for biggest box office hit of 2016 will be between ‘Avatar 2’ and the next ‘Star Wars’ with ‘Batman vs Superman’ taking up the 3rd spot possibly. But seeing how good ‘Cap 2’ was and how much audiences and even film critics loved it and he shines in ‘Age Of Ultron’ ‘Cap 3’ could be in the running for one of the top 3 biggest box office hits in 2016 as well. And the ‘Apocalypse’ film could make a lot of noise too following up the hugely successful DOFP at the box office.

  • I don’t get the sense that Avatar 2 is on the fast-track and I think a lot of the early fascination was with the 3D, not so much the story. I’m very dubious that the sequel will do as well as I rarely hear people talk about it now in “I can’t wait for Avatar 2!!” terms.

  • Fred

    Oh I agree with you Jeff that ‘Avatar 2’ will be nowhere near as successful as the first ‘Avatar’ was, you don’t hear or see the anticipation and talk from people. For one thing Cameron waited far too long to shoot the sequel, two ‘Avatar’ might be more of a one and done film as oppose to a franchise. That being said I still think ‘Avatar 2’ could be among the 3 biggest hits of 2016, it just won’t come close to the original. The original ‘Avatar’ film’s box office numbers are just insane and off the charts and might be unreachable by any film. I think only one film will have a shot at ‘Avatar’s’ box office record and it depends on how ‘Age Of Ultron’ performs, if AOU can make it to or pass the 2 billion mark I think it sets up ‘Avengers 3’ aka ‘The Infinity Gauntlet’ possibly to make a strong run at reaching ‘Avatar’s’ record. If ‘Thanos’ upcoming appearances in GOTG and AOU make audiences salivate seeing him break out on the big screen in full glory, A3 could play out like something we’ve never seen before. So while I think ‘Age Of Ultron’ will be huge and could possibly surpass “Titanic” as the second biggest grossing film of all time, I don’t think it will be able to catch “Avatar” but it could very set up ‘Avengers 3’ to pass it if everything falls into place.

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