Check out Nicki Minaj’s show-stealing outfit from the 2014 Bet Awards

The 2014 BET Awards were last night. Right now I’m killing Coldplay’s Ghost Stories, so I’m in a totally different listening place than the popular songs being awarded by BET.

Anyhow, post The Other Woman Nicki Minaj continues to shine and (rightfully) steal all the attention from anyone else on the scene. 2013 BET Awards - Backstage Winner's RoomAnd for a throwback, here’s how she looked at last year’s event. The blonde look can work for some, but I definitely think Nicki looks much better with her regular hair color.

Here’s a photo gallery and her acceptance speech for her fifth straight Best Female Hip Hop artist. Clearly I’m not in the loop, but does that category really have enough worthwhile competition or should they just rename it the Nicki Award?


Nicki Minaj BET Awards 2014 2

  • keith

    nope you not out the loop. I mean rashida was getting nominated for this thing and master’s P’s Daughter. Iggy ( im fine but completely ripping off my slang and act ) azlea is her only comp and i think nicki was letting her no. once you hear the speech I think you will agree. Since people pit female mcs against each other and dont let them both have the spotlight. As much as I dont care for iggy i know she has her fans. I just miss MC lyte and missy as apart of the group. They only broadcast this nomination so nickki can get screen time and well… lately we are the better for it 🙂

  • keith

    minus the creepy bunny

  • Yep. Iggy does seem a bit…exaggerated and trying too hard. I don’t see her having a lot of staying power. And more Nicki the better I say 🙂

  • If you thought that bunny was creepy…