Birthday Wishes July 2, 2014 – Bret Hart, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale,Margot Robbie


Bret and his wife have awesome taste in football teams.
Bret and his wife have awesome taste in football teams.

bret hart birthdayBret Hart (57) – Truly the excellence of execution and the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be. It’s been too long since your last match and the wrestling profession is all the poorer for it. It was truly a career highlight to meet you and hope this year marks one filled with great memories and lots of laughter.

lindsay-lohan-2013Lindsay Lohan (28) The great news is you’re in Hollywood, the land of 1,041 chances and half the people who work with you haven’t given up on you yet, but it’s getting to be that time where it’s on you to enjoy the career success you once enjoyed with “Mean Girls.”

Owain-yeoman-Owain Yeoman (36) – Call me skeptical, but I am not liking the odds of CBS sticking with “Extant” for a prolonged amount of time. On the bright side, you get to work with Halle Berry. And there’s always the chance you really could be Colossus in the next X-Men movie (however tiny that actually may be).

ashley tisdale hotAshley Tisdale (29) On the exact opposite spectrum of Lohan … here’s to fully appreciating keeping that Disney cash cow money rolling in and appearing in whatever goofy show or movie they need you to. #SmartBusinessWoman

margot robbie gorgeousMargot Robbie (24) – Now that you’ve hit the big time starring in movies with Leonardo DiCaprio with “The Wolf of Wall Street” and locked up for the potential 2016 blockbuster, “Tarzan,” the sky is truly the limit.








  • keith

    that lady from wolf wall street has a fan for life now… for the time being. She wins the award for “dirty talk from a pissed off spouse” in a movie that I can recently remember. I freaking loved that movie and my wife hatttteed it lol! Im like its awarding winning honey and it based on true events. She gave me some serious side eye. I can watch that movie like at least once or every other year. Too good of a fable if all of its not true or expressed in detail. I need to read the book

  • I’m more with your wife on that movie, but I was seriously a fan of every Robbie scene!