Former #Superman gets smaller role on #Arrow

Brandon-RouthBrandon Routh, who had the misfortune of starring in Bryan Singer’s boring “Superman Returns,” finally gets the chance to appear in an awesome DC comics live-action property.

He’ll be joining the third season of “Arrow” where he’ll be playing Ray Palmer, better known to comic book fans as The Atom.

dc comics atom - ray palmerAccording to TVLine, Ray will be the new owner of Queen Consolidated, with a keen eye to QC’s Applied Sciences Division. Yep, I’m intrigued. As if I didn’t have enough reasons to look forward to next season already.





  • Ben

    Poor Brandon Routh. Another time, another place – he could be people’s Superman.

  • I know. I thought he was the best part of the film, but he didn’t have much help at all.

  • keith

    same way I feel about the amazing spiderman. andrew is great, story and costars, eh not so much. Yet at least QC won’t be the breeding ground of pure nonsense. I will miss ravenger(a cutie). I just love how this show can seem to include any justice leaguer or random villian in any good way. Im sure he wont appear in costume but I like the grounded approach for some heroes. I think will see a anti hero keeps progressing to a great one.

  • Hey, we’ve gotten Arrow in costume. Canary has one and Flash does too so don’t be too sure. 🙂

  • keith

    im cool if he is just a smart guy lol. maybe he lend olie some millions back

  • Don’t settle! “Arrow” hasn’t let us down yet on that front 🙂

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