New on Blu-Ray – July 8 #TheRaid2, #BadWords

the raid 2 blu ray cover

The Raid 2 – So far nothing else this year has touched this in terms of gleefully insane action mayhem. If you liked the original, there’s absolutely no chance you won’t love this sequel, which is guaranteed to leave your jaw-dropping constantly.
The Raid 2 [Blu-ray]

bad-words-blu-ray-coverBad Words – Jason Bateman makes his directorial debut in this comedy about an adult who finds a loophole that lets him compete in a national spelling bee.
Bad Words (Blu-ray + DVD + DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet)






  • keith

    I still havent watched raid one, but I think i will just go for this one as the commercial was insane. Btw I rented robocop. yeah none of the charm of the first one. I was okay with the action, but it is kind of sad how we have to keep touching on americas paranoia( which is true). honestly samuel jackson black bill o’reilly faux news clone was the most interesting thing of that movie. I think it would be better as a tv show now than seeing another movie pop up.

  • Yeah, Jackson was the only one with any fire although I thought Keaton was fun too.

    Watch The Raid 2 Keith! Do it! 😉

  • keith

    Yes commander! it had the feel of a fighting game when super nintendo got super street fighter. any movie trailer can make think of that then yes, my eyes must peep it

  • LOL. Make sure to let me know what you think afterwards!

  • keith

    I watched the raid 2 and nonstop… on the same day… I literally got a burst of adrenaline and wanted to just break sH*t for no reason lol. I dont think i seen a good a zz kicking movie like raid in a long time or ever! Only Anime… freaking anime can come close to what witnessed. First off the star needs all the money and health insurance in the world for the stuff he did. I think i am going to buy this and first raid. Its amazing how foreign films improve, shame, destory our action scene all together. It didnt feel bloated like the old 80’s stuff. the hero was near death, there was no clean cut happiness afterwards. Just people gasping to hold on for life. My mother in law watched about an hour with me. She found the jail mud fight quite funny and shocking. Also I have never seen a bat, hammers, and a hibachi used that way.

    Non stop was pretty good too. Liam knows he can play a herioc, damaged, euro turned american cop/agent damn well. He can play the same character and just change the title of the movie and im in. My favorite aging white guy beside clooney and brad pit lol.

  • keith

    they should create a beatem up game on this movie. It would be as insane as dynamite cop

  • keith

    once I get around to opening my sleeping dogs copy I guess that will have to do till the raid 3 (there better be one!!!)

  • Man, that movie was so insane! I loved every minute of it. Yeah, Rama makes Jackie Chan look like he’s in remedial class with his crazy stunts. Did your mother-in-law catch the back half? Hammer Girl and Bat Boy were like ultimate video game bosses.

    At this point, there’s little I doubt Liam can’t do. I’d give him an edge over Clooney myself.

  • That would be a lot of fun. Old school 80s Nintendo-era 8-bit beat-em up.

  • keith

    props to nate parker getting a good role like that. this will played on tbs/tnt forever once they get it

  • Oh yeah. Pretty much will be in heavy rotation!