While I was gone…

me and the TOCYou all may have noticed a lack of as many posts and timely responses to comments you all left last week. Don’t worry. I didn’t get too “big time” or suddenly develop a case of writer’s block.

While I’m normally writing about big events happening in movies, TV or comic books, I had a pretty significant major event happen in my own life — on July 12, I got married to a spectacular woman.

monicaThe new Mrs. Lyles somehow puts up with all my constant updating on this site, tolerates my action figure collecting and supports my near obsessive interests in movies. In other words, she’s all kinds of amazing and I’m still in a bit of disbelief that I’m blessed enough to be married to her — especially after the lightsaber entrance at the reception. 😉

She even managed to surprise me with what I’m sure most of you all longtime readers would consider a very appropriate groom’s cake for me. superman cake

In a day filled with amazing moments, she topped herself with a custom made wedding band for me, which I’ll share with you all later on this week.

That tease out of the way, wanted to share my good news with all of you and thank you for your reading while I was (mostly) away last week. I’m back in business again this week and anxiously anticipating all of the big news that’s sure to come from San Diego Comic Con.

Taken by my dear friend Calvin Tyson. Check out more of his work at http://www.cltysonphotography.com/home.html
Taken by my dear friend Calvin Tyson. Check out more of his work at http://www.cltysonphotography.com/home.html



  • Barry Murray

    Yay! Welcome back. I hope you both had a great time. And that’s a great cake!
    She’s a keeper for sure!

  • Fred

    Congrats to you and your lovely new wife my friend. Hey Jeff enjoy that honeymoon with your lady, it sure beats the hell out of chatting with boring old heads like us online haha.

  • keith


  • Thanks Barry!
    Glad to be back with you all 🙂
    The honeymoon was awesome and I am definitely glad she’s a keeper 🙂

  • Thanks Fred. We had a great honeymoon.
    Hey, I enjoy chatting with you guys too 😉

  • Thanks Keith!

  • keith

    welcome to the club homie. So the question is will you be allowed to buy anymore toys. I dont do action figures, but I am already sweeting for the ps4 and wiiU when the prices drop. either its the best movie you will ever, the movie of married life.

  • Thanks man. I appreciate the kind words. So far, the figure collecting is safe 😉

  • Fred

    Jeff just keep the wifey happy and the collecting will probably remain safe, at least to an extent lol.

  • oh my gosh, why can I only “LIKE” this once? This needs a million likes! Congratulations on finding your perfect partner. Sounds like you had a wedding to remember. Can’t wait to read more posts about movies, collecting and also your shared geeky adventures with your new wife.

  • Pierre Mooney

    Congratulations my Brother. In Vietnam they say a phrase that somewhat translates to “I want to wish you both 100 years of Happiness”.

  • Ben

    Congratulations , that’s great news. I love the grooms cake too. Shame it’s not a tradition which has crossed over to the UK.

  • Thank you very much Pierre 🙂

  • Thanks Ben!
    I feel like it’s still a growing tradition in the US and not necessarily something that’s still a given — although it’s pretty cool! 😉

  • LOL. Thanks so much 🙂
    It was amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Great shout out about your beautiful wife. Strive to make each other better each day. God’s blessings on your new life as one. Dad