13 comments on “Hot Toys debuts #BackToTheFuture Marty McFly figure

  1. It’s incredible.
    I am all in for this line even if I have to cut back on future figures I may have wanted.

    • Yeah, I’m wondering how extensive they’ll get. Have to figure Doc is a certainty, but who else is a must-have for the line do you think?

      • I’d guess Marty, Delorean(All versions in one), Doc, 1955 Biff, and then(In descending order, so might not happen), 1955 George, 1955 Lorraine, 1985-B Biff(Casino Owner). the list goes on but i expect 1955 versions of Biff, George and Lorraine will be dependant on how well Marty Doc and the Delorean sell.

      • Indeed. I am all in for Marty, Doc and the DMC in any case. But only if the car has parts for all four versions, including the hover conversion wheels.

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    • And yet there are loads of people who reckon it looks nothing like him, lol.
      I don’t think they are looking at the same figure I am!

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