Top 10 news I want to hear from #SDCC2014

SDCC'13 cosplay - hot ZatannaSDCC 13 Hot Toys Marvel's The Avengers displayFor another year, I’ll be playing armchair San Diego Comic Con spectator. The awesome wedding and spectacular honeymoon more than soften the blow this year though. But here’s my list of things that will absolutely make my SDCC.

megan fox at sddc10. Megan Fox promoting “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” because….Megan Fox.

DCSuperHeroes9. DC Comics announcing a return to the pre-52 comic universe courtesy of the multiverse allowing disgruntled fans to return and all the scores of new readers to keep on enjoying the exploits of the kewler versions of armor-wearing Superman, speed line Flash and company.

8. The latest ways Hot Toys will try to assault my wallet. G.I. Joe comic book-based figures? More Star Wars? The possibilities are endless (and scary). [Edit– Too late. Invincible]

7. Some crazy unexpected figure/comic/movie announcement. An “Invincible” film would be pretty close to the top of my geek out news list.

6. Another look at Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar.” This will be the only instance this weekend where a teaser trailer will more than suffice.

5. Costume designs for Wonder Woman and some first looks at Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor for “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

hot cosplayer4. Some really creative and fantastic cosplay. Every year the outfits look better than the previous year so I’m looking forward to seeing what will blow my mind in 2014.

3. Mattel debuts Hulk Hogan and Sting figures for its WWE Elite Flashback series. Hogan was the host at Wrestlemania XXX back in April and if any wrestler warranted the get a figure out ASAP treatment it’s Hogan. Hulk HoganI’m hoping for a late 80s style Hulkamania version and an nWo Hollywood Hogan figures. With Hogan coming to SDCC, we can only hope that’s all but a given.

And with Sting being featured in WWE’2K15, there may never be a better chance to finally get a Sting figure from Mattel. Like Hogan, let’s kick it off with a Surfer Sting look as well as his Crow-influenced look as well.

Marvel Comics Black Panther2. For my buddy Fred, some news and (fingers crossed) a casting announcement on a Black Panther movie.

1. The first trailer for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” I’ve been patient…semi-patient for more than set pics of one of my two most anticipated movies for next year and with Director Joss Whedon and the rest of the cast scheduled to come to SDCC, now seems like the perfect time to whet our collective appetites with a trailer.The Avengers Age of Ultron logo

  • Fred

    Hopefully we get the announcements your asking for Jeff, it could be the best Comic Con yet if these scenarios play out. I can’t wait to hear about AOU footage and with seemingly 7-8 films making up ‘Phase 3’ a BLACK PANTHER film should be a lock, but until we hear announcement and confirmations it’s nothing but hopes and wishes. Man Hot Toys is killing it this year with all these great new figures and lines, it’s already some I have to get.

  • keith

    yes megan fox is the only thing i care about of that train wreck of movie. They creep me out almost as bad as the killer apes man. But i at least get what they were doing for planet of the apes as that has always been some grown man sci fi there. Turtles… damn Bay. What next he get thundercats, voltron, hell a marvel movie to destroy?

  • keith

    on another note nice zaltana! and ivy

  • Yep. About to post about some now.

  • Honestly, we should let him take something that was just ok and let him Bay that up. Power Rangers + Bay = $$

  • Indeed!

  • keith

    question on the wwe game, this is really the first game sting is in? damn now I know i need to get it.. My really country uncle in law used to call him “stang” Good ol midsouth/nwa. have junkyard dog ever made onto one of these games?

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