Mattel’s Sting, Hulk Hogan figures take title at Comic Con

Mattel Sting Elite Flashback2This was right near the top of my Top 10 things I wanted to see at SDCC’14 and Mattel just went ahead and knocked out Sting, Hulk Hogan, Junkyard Dog and Razor Ramon in one full swoop.

Mattel Hulk Hogan FlashbacksI’m in that rare state of collecting satisfaction.Mattel Razor Ramon Flashbacks

It’ll pass, but for now, my list of must-haves for my Mattel figure line has shrunk dramatically to pretty much Barry Windham and Owen Hart.

Outstanding showing here by Mattel! This is one of those rare cases where I don’t have a “yeah, it’s great they showed, this, but I really wanted to see…” They pretty much covered them all. And I’m sure a Surfer Sting is coming soon so this was a major Comic Con win for me.

Mattel Razor, Hulk and Sting Flashbacks

  • Ben

    Cool figure aside – when is he going to actually appear in WWE?’

  • Still no news. It may be something they drag out until Wrestlemania at this point.

  • Ben

    He’ll be the next host I should imagine – in line with him being put in the Hall of Fame

  • I’ve heard he wants to wrestle so maybe they still do Sting vs. Undertaker?

  • Ben

    Feels underwhelming without The Streak though… Or maybe that’s one of the reasons he was beaten, so Sting could beat him too!

  • I prefer The Streak being over since I doubt Sting would have any shot of winning and ending it.

  • Ben

    That’s what I mean. You can’t introduce Sting and have him lose but you also can’t have him beat the Undertaker and be the person to end The Streak

  • I gotcha. I wonder if Taker is the best one-off matchup for Sting though. Maybe HBK or even Cena. Who would you match him up against?

  • Ben

    Depends on the angle. He would be decent as a hero against the Authority. I could see him going against Triple H or even Randy Orton. I don’t think you could introduce Sting as a heel.

    He could also be good in a story with The Wyatts. It would have to be a one-off or at least a decent run of smaller, lesser impact matches, finishing with something huge. He’s still got it, its just that IT doesn’t look so good anymore.

  • No, definitely don’t want to see Sting as a heel. He’s one who would be fine in face vs face matches.

    Sting and Bray would be fun now that you mention it. Good call.

    🙂 Agreed.

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