First look at #Arsenal on #Arrow #SDCC2014

Arsenal on ArrowWe got a brief teaser of this during the season finale of Season 2 of “Arrow,” but Season 3 will mark the first full-fledged appearance of Roy Harper’s Arsenal on the popular CW show.

No longer considered a violent loose cannon on Team Arrow, Roy (Colton Haynes) is fully in the family with a suit to match his pal, Oliver (Stephen Amell). reports that Roy won’t be waiting too long to show off his new threads and will be in costume with the first episode of Season 3, which cannot get here fast enough for me.





  • keith

    give the people what they want. show never disappoints. I even like they skipped “speedy” and went into arsenal. Take out the corney dc stuff and keep it on the sideline. I think I want less of the hellish island if its going to make less sense, yet i know gets put back on their sooner than late since he had to escape it. Damn it.. but I wont trip. those flashbacks were about 70% good . so I cant complain.

  • keith

    so are going to get recaps for this and shield in that fall or was that a one time thing?

  • Well, with next season Oliver won’t be on the island, but Hong Kong – so now we get to see what he was lying about and what went down there that made him keep that a secret from everyone.

  • Hey man,
    This is y’all’s site as much as it is mine so if folks want it, I’ll be doing recaps of both along with GOT.

  • keith

    yes and if thats game of thrones, i kind of wish i had hbo to know what the hell is going on why its so good. I am late on some of this things. I just started breaking bad lol and im blown away. Some shows are just better to binge and play as a loooooong movie. so far thats what it feels like and thats just great.

  • Yep, that was GOT. The seasons only run 10 episodes so you could catch up real quick.