Iron Man and Captain America team up in new Avengers movie

Two Avengers’ mainstays, Captain America and Iron Man, will be teaming up for another mission before “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

I’m hoping it will be a lot more entertaining than the goofy “Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United” film.

Adrian Pasdar (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.“) stars as Iron Man and Roger Craig Smith (Wreck-It Ralph) will be Captain America.

Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United” will come out on home video and digital on July 29.


  • keith

    if they would just stick with what made the ultimate avengers work as the blueprint to their movie success, they would have a great animated department. everytime is something different. distant cold misshaped anime, next goofy max steel seven year old stuff, god knows next. so much potential

  • Fred

    Yeah Marvel is definitely lacking in the animated film department, this is the one category where DC hands Marvel their you know what haha. Some of the previous Marvel animated films like ‘Ultimate Avengers’ 1 & 2, ‘Invincible Iron Man’, ‘Dr. Strange’ , ‘Hulk’ vs ‘Thor’ & ‘Wolverine’ we’re pretty good, but damn they really have dropped the ball over the past few years with their animated films. And what’s up with Marvel anyway, here they have the whole Marvel library of characters at their expense, yet they choose to foolishly keep focusing on basically the same characters over and over, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor & Cap basically. Where’s Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Inhumans, Namor. You see Marvel is playing the nut cake role a little here, they could easily bring more exposure to some of these great characters that can use it. Hopefully the ‘Iron man/Cap’ team up film will be good.

  • keith

    they could somewhat shut me up and give us an animated BP movie. I mean how many iron man/ thors do we need. Now if they want to do some mature hulk films. This is where they can give us more of the marvel knights with heroes for hire, luke cage, a non corny ultimate story with some grime on it. punisher. I mean damn.

  • keith

    if im marvel im putting out animated spiderman movies so good that would make jeff over turn that head scratching 10 for sony’s mess lol ( Just poking at you jeff)

  • keith

    especially since spiderman is a cartoon anyway?

  • I think Defenders would make for a great animated movie and they can use Hulk to familiarize audiences with Doctor Strange before his movie as well as Namor and Silver Surfer.

  • LOL. Hater!

  • Fred

    I agree with you my friend, it’s bad enough Marvel fails to introduce Black Panther on the big screen, these dummies won’t even give him his own animated feature where at least more people could get acclimated to the character. Ms. Marvel, Namor, Inhumans, etc. Marvel could easily make these characters even more accessible to the public if they really wanted to. Marvel is on fire right now no doubt about that, but they will eventually start to falter from staleness if they don’t introduce enough new characters and try to stick the same basic formula and characters without showing more diversity, obviously GOTG is a right step in that direction as will Dr. Strange be, but they need to do more as we’ve all been saying. I would just love to hear Black Panther announced as one of the films for ‘Phase 3’ today, just that would be enough for me and if you confirm something about Ms. Marvel than that would be icing on the cake.

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