My #Top10 favorite #SDCC2014 #cosplay so far

I love cosplay and find the people who do it to be tremendously talented, courageous and some of the nicest folks you’ll meet. If you haven’t, check out the interviews I’ve done with some on a regular feature here – Cosplay Confidential.

Beyond the big figure and movie news, I was highly anticipating what the talented cosplayers out there would bring this year and just like I expected, they’ve brought it big time. I’ll likely do a bigger wrap-up, but wanted to showcase my favorite 10 so far in no particular order. Pics are courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes’ gallery.

  • keith

    Nice. but GIVE TCHALLA AN AWARD. thank you whoever you are. my GOD marvel need you on payroll. I can see this is an scene in his homeland when he just gets off the throne to kick some a zz.

    By way I knows its still going on but no news on the king huh? if not smh marvel… smh

  • Yeah, definitely one of my favorites of the whole con.

    Yes. Very, very lame. I need to do an APB for Fred to make sure he’s doing alright.