• Fred

    She looks okay, has a more armored look which is cool. She still looks pretty damn small and the lack of the iconic red and blue colors(unless it’s the background that makes it seem that way) is throwing me off. Otherwise not too bad I guess.

  • Ben

    Looks the part but not sure still not convinced she needs to be in the film. (Being pessimistic as usual).

  • Fred

    I’m convinced that she will feature pretty predominantly in this film, I don’t care what some people try to say or deny.

  • keith

    she is sexy ( kind of look like a kardashian lol) just too small but I am feeling the more warrior take on the outfit. Im not too hopeful either though

  • She doesn’t necessarily have to be that bulky. She looks like she can handle herself more in a fight now, but she still has a slight frame.

  • Fred

    She’s does indeed favor Kim Kardashian in this pic.

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