Best of San Diego Comic Con 2014 cosplay

Lonstermash as Joker Wolverine with Poison Ivy
Lonstermash as Joker Wolverine with Poison Ivy

For all the various news and panels of SDCC, this is what I get the biggest kick out of — the cosplay.

Here’s some of my favorites from Rotten, Superhero Hype and some of our Cosplay Confidential pals Lonstermash, Angi Viper, Silhouette Cosplay and Ben.

No further delay, click on to see them all!

  • keith

    Im feeling the cobra ones. nice old school nod. link girl is kind of cute. loki works well as a female lol. and a nice and think wonder woman. I just want Gal to have more size man.

  • Ben

    How amazing would a Joker Wolverine be?!

  • Very amazing! That was a pretty creative hybrid!

  • Taylor

    I’m in this as part of the Thor/Loki duo! Thanks for posting!

  • Very cool Taylor. Thank you for commenting and anytime you want to do a Cosplay Confidential with me consider the invitation open! 🙂

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