The Avengers: Age of Ultron SDCC video always takes these cool backstage shots at big conventions and this one featuring the cast of “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” is my favorite from San Diego Comic Con 2014.

Avengers-Age-of-Ultron_cast portrait

I can’t believe we still have to wait almost a full year before seeing this movie … and almost as long to get a teaser trailer. Sigh.

Here’s the Marvel panel, featuring these guys:


  • Fred

    I have to agree with you Jeff, everything about AOU just sounds like it’s going to take the CBM to another level. I can’t wait to see this, I’m not pumped to see any movie more than this.

  • An Episode VII trailer will rival it, but for the first half of the year there is absolutely no competition!

  • Fred

    Oh I agree with the buzz on Episode VII, it will indeed rival AOU I’m sure. But I definitely think AOU will be the biggest hit of 2015, there is no doubt in my mind about that Jeff. AOU will hit between 1.7 to 2.2 billion worldwide, mark my words. Now Episode VII is going to be a big hit to and should have a very good chance at hitting 1 billion, but the ‘Mission Impossible’ sequel is the one film that’s strong enough to get in it’s way and keep it from possibly making it there. When I first heard the date where the ‘mission Impossible’ sequel was opening I said oh-oh for ‘Star Wars 7’, not so much as it would stop Episode VII from being a big hit because nothing in the world is going to prevent that from happening obviously, but it could cut into it’s box office numbers, but we’ll see.

  • It’s interesting as I suspect Ep. 7 will do better internationally than AOU. Good point about Mission Impossible.

  • Fred

    Jeff you do realize the first ‘Avengers’ film made 900 million overseas, something no Star Wars film has ever done. And if you look at ‘IM3’, ‘Thor 2’ and ‘Cap 3’, all of them have performed far better than their predecessors overseas, Marvel is king of the box office in today’s age, I’m sure that will eventually change one day but not anytime soon as GOTG will continue to prove starting this Friday. And add in the fact that the overseas boom happened a year after ‘The Avengers’ released, so what do you think a film like that will do now. 1.2, 1.3, 1.5 billion overseas alone, I just don’t see ‘Star Wars VII’ doing that amount overseas. While I think AOU can match or surpass the first film’s domestic gross, I actually think it’s going to prove a little more difficult topping the original’s 623 million domestic than it’s 900 million overseas which AOU will easily beat. But i’ll take that bet with you my friend lol. And i’ll also say this Jeff, if you don’t think ‘Mission Impossible 5’ will prove to be some tough competition, you’re going to be in for a rude awakening my friend. Tom Cruise films might not perform at the box office like they used to do, but the Mission Impossible series is that one exception that still does and it will be a huge hit, remember it opens one week after ‘Star Wars 7’.

  • Hey man. I’m not saying that’s a definite, but I wouldn’t be shocked either.

  • Fred

    I hear you my man. Now don’t get me wrong Jeff, I’m definitely in line with you that ‘Star Wars VII’ will be a huge hit and easily among the top 2-3 grossers of 2015. It’s just IMO the ‘Avengers’ and the MCU in on a level beyond any thing in Hollywood right now bro. Nothing lasts forever where all good things come to an end like Marvel’s reign eventually will, it happened to ‘Star Wars’ in 2002 when “Spider-Man” outgrossed ‘Attack Of The Clones’.

  • True, although I think AOTC didn’t do as well more because of Phantom Menace and Jar-Jar backlash than Spidey’s success. 😉

  • Fred

    Yeah you’re right, Phantom Menace was a huge box office hit, it’s still number #5 all time domestic with around 480 million I believe which is monstrous. It was so anticipated because it was the first ‘Star Wars’ film in 16 years and it performed like it. Now let’s not get it twisted either my friend, ‘Clones’ was a big hit at the box office too, just not as big as ‘Phantom’ was and they did come back with ‘Sith’ which was another monster hit at the box office and the biggest hit of 2005. Man it’s just great time for these movies my friend and I think ‘Star Wars VII’ is going to be great because it’s in great hands of a fine director like Abrams just like AOU is in great hands with Whedon. And Jeff you and I both know who the biggest winners will be, Disney because they’ll be the company behind the two biggest hits of 2015 my friend.

  • Seriously. Either way, they’ll be happily lapping up the money at the box office.

  • Fred

    Lol they will man, I wish I had 1 percent of all that money they’ll be seeing haha.

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