#Cosplay cuties from #SDCC2014

SDCC2014 cosplay - white rabbit and friendSDCC2014 cosplay - Angi Viper and Miss Pirate SavvyIn addition to all of the creative and outstanding cosplay we see at SDCC, another bonus is the beautiful people who go as their favorite comic book, video game, TV or movie character. And I figured what better way to wrap up this year than show off all the pretty people. Enjoy!

*Pics are from variety of sources including rottentomatoes.com, supeherohype and @kplo

  • keith

    who are your favs? I love the jade, kate hawkeye, gamer( for obvious reasons) and the bunny at the top. Yeah i know im predictable.. but thanks again jeff. So any wrap on I guess the general info from comic con coming. Feel free for more cuties lol. I didnt even get to see hercules yet. I was kind of offended when a friend of mine said no one wanted to see the james brown movie. I looked at her some sideyed. She went down on the friendship scale with that one.

  • Fred

    Some damn yummy cosplay honeys there, i miss hugging up with them at the SF Wondercon, such great days that’s long passed me by haha.

  • The Tigra is spectacular. She-Ra is cool as well.

    I may do a wrap-up. Guess I should get on that soon, huh? 😉

  • keith

    My mind slipped, how did i forget to type tyra. She blew me away from even typing!!! btw is tryga just an excuse by the avengers to throw yet another fine female in a bikini? I never mind. I only know of a few issues of her from the west coast avengers but apparently she can change back to human, though she never should lol.

    and uh yeah jeff… I need that inside information lol.

  • From what I remember, she started off human and then was transformed into the cat-like creature who still is drawn super sexy.