First look at #WWE2K15 & Showcase mode details

John Cena tweeted this earlier today showing off the insane-lifelike look of WWE2K15.

Honestly, after the Sting announcement, there’s no chance I’m not picking this up, but I am very excited to hear about the rest of the roster additions. Lex Luger? Four Horsemen? Road Warriors? Dusty Rhodes for some old school NWA action? announced that Sting, Hulk Hogan, Cena, Sheamus, Cesaro, and Roman Reigns will be on hand for the full roster reveal Aug. 16 (sooooo long) so we’ll find out who else is joining the game then.

WWE2K15 StingAccording to This year’s new feature 2K Showcase will be broken up into two episodes, each one focusing in tightly on an epic rivalry from the WWE’s past. Think of them as mini-documentaries of a sort. Could it be Rock vs Austin? Undertaker vs Kane? 2K hasn’t spilled the beans just yet.

Not sure what to make of that just yet as it sounds like more of what we’ve gotten from the last two games. I’d love to see a true Survivor Series mode and an emphasis on factions.

What do you wanna see in this year’s edition?




  • keith

    I want it all damn it. there isn’t enough one could throw in there for me. Sounds like this will be a well deserved purchased for the boredom of winter.

  • Definitely. Not thinking there’s a lot of other games out there I’m all that interested in.

  • keith

    man im still making time for games I bought years ago. Marriage stressful job and and a growing kid.. those gaming hours shrink to nill. Especially as I am reading more, trying to learn about more writers and styles I like. thats always first on my summers and weekends. yeah im a slow reader lol. I take weeks to read book. But when I get this, if the system is still easy to learn will take me back. I may even take to the barbershop and challenge folks. heck if you do online I will challenge you jeff! If fact I will break you till… you change that amazing spiderman 2 review(my last time with that joke i swear)

  • LOL. Never! ;-p

    What do you play online these days?

  • keith

    last thing I played online where GTA V and Marvel vs capcom 3

  • Ah yeah. I still need to get GTA V. Play Madden or any of the sports games?

  • keith

    I will if I get 2k15 basketball. Im rusty on that for sure and I dont know why I stop buying as im an even bigger nba geek than any form of geekdom. Madden nah I suck. I enjoy football but i dont feel like learning plays. Once my little brother start kicking my butt on madden I like I dont have time for this, I have to study for college exams lol.

  • keith

    speaking your thoughts on th lakers off season. I know one thing south la is getting the football fever down here. lsu fans and saints fans are frothing at the mouth. im good till opening day lol

  • LOL. Yeah, I was pretty solid at Madden up til around 2002 and then I never adjusted well with the defense. I may get NBA though so we should play!

  • About as bad as I expected. I’ll just have to be content with the last two back to back titles for awhile. 😉

  • keith

    thank you. I have laker haters saying oh you all have J Lin. Im like he is nothing more than an expiring contract. save your false praise!! Sadly I had to eat crow. i was joking with a guy from OK about JLin is the type of player sam presti would get… I had that look. and my other friend who is bulls fan had to chime in. I already knew once the bulls released that guy, I beat him to the punch. Im like Yep, its boozer he will be a laker. We are the dumping ground for players who egos are bigger than their talent (lin, boozer) so of COURSE he will be there… smh. Anyway yeah once it comes I will take you up on that. PS3 right? Well at least i have my Pelicans to show the small market love too. This offseason has been hard for a laker fan. On top that I have been called a bad sport lol. Im like look i love the sport but if isnt my teams, I want everyone else to lose. Does that make me a hater lol? not that I care…

  • keith

    Oh but props to my HBCU alumni of THE southern University .. Aeanas Williams making into the hall.

  • Well, I’m a hater right there with you. I had a passing interest this season once Kobe went down, but I suffered through a lot of Lakers games on TV..

    Yep. I’m PS3.