The #BatmanVSuperman website launched today

So far, there’s not a lot happening… Not even a clickable link to the character posters we’ve seen of Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman or even a “The story so far” to recap the events from “Man of Steel.” All we’ve got right now is this…

batman v. superman dawn of justice website

Just a bit underwhelming, right? Hey Warner Bros., how about letting the one comic geek in your intern department have a treat and put some content on the site. It’ll work out great for everyone. I promise.



  • Fred

    I agree Jeff, they need to add some spice to the site man. Sure the film is not due in theaters for almost 2 more years, but it would be cool to tease just a little something, a little content somewhere.

  • Right?!? Just a little something would be fine for now. Even if it’s just a collection of tweets.

  • Fred

    Perhaps they will add some content soon.