#BatmanVSuperman blinks, moves out of #CaptainAmerica showdown

batman v. superman dawn of justice websiteIf you were a betting man and had Warner Bros. moving out “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” from the May 6, 2016 showdown with “Captain America 3,” you’d be a big winner today.

Warner Bros. announced the change to March 26, 2016 so thankfully we don’t have to worry about playing favorites…or just doing a double feature like I was planning…

This works out best for “BvS” as this way it can be the superhero film to beat in 2016 instead of fighting the post “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” buzz sure to await “Captain America 3.”

What do you think? Happy about the news?

  • Jace

    I think this was the smart move to make. It also lets them be the blockbuster to beat like Cap has been this year.

  • No doubt. Think we all figured WB was gonna have to move since May is Marvel’s spot and this is a good time to set up camp for BvS.

  • Fred

    It’s a very good move for WB in my opinion too, remaining in that May 6th spot would have just hurt both films. I believe the commercial and critical success of ‘Cap 2’ convinced WB moving was a wise idea. Yes Bvs could have possibly won that match up, but I don’t think it would have been by much and ‘Cap 3’ would have cut deeply into their box office profits, anyone who doesn’t believe that is really dumb and naïve. As ‘F&F6’, ‘The hunger Games’ and ‘Cap 2’ have recently showed, film can flourish at the box office in March and April, those months have become very strong launching months over the past few years so BvS should do just fine on it’s new release date. I still think if it wasn’t a strong proven Marvel franchise like Captain America, WB would have stayed put without blinking an eye.

  • Even if that were the case after the success of Guardians, I think WB would have switched up. Losing to Cap is one thing, but to an unproven Marvel Studios film would have been embarrassing.

  • Ben

    This was always going to happen. Why split the profits you make by splitting the audience. Don’t make people choose, gives both of them their huge weekend!

  • It was such a weird decision in the first place. As if Marvel Studios was gonna back off the date they’ve dominated.

  • Fred

    Of course Jeff, BvS is their heavyweight movie, it’s practically Justice League Light so they need this to take off with no interference or competition in the way.

  • Fred

    Very true Ben, it’s called maximizing your box office potential not minimizing it.

  • Yep. No clue why they wasted their time scheduling it during Marvel big release weekend.

  • Fred

    True, WB uses the excuse that Marvel didn’t have an announced title which shouldn’t have made any difference in the first place. What difference does the title make, you knew good and well that Marvel already had a film set for that date.

  • Ben

    You’re right… Not sure what they were trying to prove?!

  • Exactly. I think WB was trying to hone in on Marvel’s territory and didn’t think Marvel would hold fast even against Batman and Superman.

  • Only that Marvel is on no way shape or form abandoning their big May weekend.

  • Fred

    That is what WB probably thought, they figured that since it was Batman and Superman together they could move in out that date and have Marvel running with their tails between their legs which was not the case. And once Marvel announced Cap 3 would be that film, seeing what Cap 2 did at the box office and his extra strong exposure he’s sure to gain from Age Of Ultron was enough to tell WB that they didn’t want to tangle with that and risk losing too much money.

  • Fred

    You got that right Jeff and they shouldn’t. Eventhough Marvel has started to monopolize other dates that they release their films on May is still their bread and butter in terms of where their biggest hits come from and ‘Age Of Ultron’ will further more hammer in that point next May when it opens. Marvel giving up May would be the equivalent of Michael Jackson being afraid to perform on stage or Michael Jordan being afraid to take a game winning shot at the end of a game, in other words it ain’t going to happen lol. On a different subject I have to give congrats to Serena for winning her 18th grand slam title yesterday to tie her for 3rd place all time with Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, that’s quite an accomplishment. I hope she can reach 20 grand slam titles, I think she has a good chance to do it.

  • Yep. Very smart move on WB’s part and we all win anyway, which is what they should have realized in the first place.

  • LOL.Yep, cannot wait until next May when that forever becomes referred to as Marvel Month.

    Kinda funny how it looked like Tiger Woods was going to easily beat the golf records and Serena has quietly done her thing and looks like 20 is in reach.

  • Fred

    Your exactly right, a few years ago it was Tiger people we’re talking about beating Jack Nicklaus record 18 grand slam titles and reaching 20 for his career. Now it’s Serena like you said who’s quietly just has steamrolled along in her career to close in on 20 grand slam titles. Serena is exceptional and has had a brilliant and stellar career that get’s overlooked at times, I mean the things I’ve seen her do on a tennis court throughout the years I’ve never seen done and I’ve seen some great ones in my life like Evert, Navratilova and Graf. But I like how Serena just quietly steamrolls along and collect more grand slams, more accolades as her legends grows even more in statue. When her career is over she could very well be considered one of the 5 or 10 greatest athletes ever in sports, man or woman.

  • She’s truly been a dominant force in tennis. It will be very interesting to see her final legacy in the sport once her career is finished.