Box office roundup – Aug. 10, 2014 – “Turtles” shellshocks “Guardians”

Industrial Light & Magic / Paramount  Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Donatello in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."
Industrial Light & Magic / Paramount
Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Donatello in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – $65 million [debut week] – Paramount saw a lot more green this weekend than expected as the Michael Bay produced relaunch of the TMNT franchise proved audiences were hungry for some turtle power. This is by far the highest opening of the franchises four films. The relaunch out-grossed the previous three live-action, which combined for $57 million. By comparison, the most recent Turtles’ outing, the animated 2007 “TMNT,” earned a total of $54 million. While opening week proved successful, “Turtles” has a $125 million budget and with some decidedly mixed reviews, next week will prove telling for its long-term success.

guardians-of-the-galaxy- Groot, Rocket, Star Lord and Gamora2. Guardians of the Galaxy – $41.5 million [2nd week; $175.9 million in total] – Marvel Studios’ latest hit helped push distributor Walt Disney Pictures to over $1 billion for 2014, but fell to second place after a 67 percent drop. That second week fall-off is about the same as “Thor: The Dark World” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” indicating that good word-of-mouth didn’t lead to a new audience coming in to check it out. “Guardians” was expected to compete in a neck and neck race for the top spot with “Turtles,” but with “Turtles” surpassing expectations, it had to settle for second place.

3. Into the Storm – $18 million [debut week] – The other heavily hyped new release of the week blew in with a solid haul. It had a respectable opening against two big heavyweights and at a cost of just $50 million, distributor Warner Bros. should be pleased with its performance.

4. The Hundred-Foot Journey – $11.2 million [debut week] – Helen Mirren’s food-based drama had a decent debut, but it was behind Julia Roberts’ “Eat Pray Love,” which opened to $23 million while “Julie and Julia” debuted to $20 million

step_up_all_in_2014_movie-wide5. Step Up All In – $6.6 million [debut week] – The “Step Up” series keeps having diminishing returns for each sequel, which has dropped a little more than its predecessor. The 2006 original opened to $20.6 million while the 2012 “Step Up Revolution,” only managed $11.7 million. This latest performance indicates audiences may finally have stepped away from their interest in the franchise.

  • Barry Murray

    I’m not surprised more people are watching the Turtles movie. I couldn’t watch all that guardians movie. I watched it till about forty minutes in. Total garbage. It actually gave me a sore head if you can imagine. That comes back every time i think about it.

  • keith

    why are they still making step up movies? it went from white guy from the hood to disco dirty dancing?? and yet hollywood would rather try to same crap fail over again and not try new stuff… like more diversity

  • Fred

    While I liked GOTG, I think it’s a little overpraised. It’s certainly not as good as ‘The Winter Soldier’ IMO. I guess I enjoyed it because I knew what I was in for, so I didn’t get hit with any curves from the film haha. But some of those people who say it’s Marvel Studios best film not hardly, the first “Iron Man”, “The Avengers” and ‘Cap 2’ are all superior to me.

  • Pierre Mooney

    The “Turtles” is similar to “Godzilla” total fantasy and lots of senseless action. It think Keith’s comment is something I have been wondering about myself for a while. I think these “STEP UP” films are fantasy for the “majority young folks” now. Their parents always wanted to be “SOUL TRAIN” up there doing the steps so there is a big market for these films. Notice they always add a little ” youth rebellion. ” Of course we will go see them even though we are not the prime audience now. Let’s face we like dance movies. The film industry is about making money. I would rather support Tyler Perry’s efforts. It is at least a version reality about us. But mainly it could lead to more jobs in the industry for those less privileged. Please for give me I am reading a book about Brother Malcolm X.

  • LOL. So you really didn’t like it. I could see where folks wouldn’t like it actually. What didn’t work about it for you?

  • keith

    no problem. even though I stopped going to see tyler perry movies. I always wanted him to keep a studio deal to hopefully get better. On a smaller note, why im conflicted with Black Jesus. I wont watch it, but im happy for all of the people working. I don’t even get mad at mcgruder (dont know if he is athesist like seth macfarlane? I truly believe in his talent, this is just something i won’t consume.this is why mike b jordan and chad bosewick are doing the damn thing in my opinion. they are getting roles and not just small ones no one will see. I like to see young black guys make their way in such a fickle unforgiving business. Just think how much money if a studio commited to our segment at least 2 -4 movies a year, they would rack up. Its not like stories, writers, bloggers, entertainment folk arent around to promote them. Hell they easily turn those Easy rawlings books into an AMC tv series right now and I bet it would hit.

  • They amazingly keep making money. They’re one of the highest grossing franchises against their budgets in Hollywood. So as long as they’re cheap to crank out and bring in some return, we’re gonna keep getting more…

  • I definitely agree. Winter Soldier has not been knocked off its No. 1 perch for me so far this year.

    I’m comfortable putting GOTG in the same tier as Cap 1 and Thor 2.

  • Barry Murray

    There were so many silly things from the word go, and the whole thing was meant to be a “bunch of random strangers who come together to save everyone” but at no point did i ever care about any one of them. The jokes were so telegraphed it was embarrassing. Anyway, suffice it to say that none of the characters i had ever heard of, and i never saw anything that made me want to hear about them or see them ever again.

  • Yeah, not gonna be watching “Black Jesus” either.

    I think young black guys have an easier path than young black females in getting roles. The females that do break through seem to have staying power whereas it appears at least that more up and coming black actors can make their mark a bit easier.

    Not familiar with Easy Rawlings. What’s the deal with them?

  • Gotcha. Any Marvel characters you’re not all that familiar with that do have you curious or you’d be interested in seeing their movie?

  • keith

    It was the character denzel played in devil in a blue dress. Also look at what that role did for don cheadle as mouse. Im late but I didnt even know the author wrote several books on the character. I think it would just fit now in the golden age of TV as they say. Especially since all the dramas are dark only 13 episodes and really like to play up the city they are in. When I get money I will buy the wire and treme. Those will be in my library for sure! But you get my drift. Hollywood can mine in a little more unfamilar areas and can still come smelling like a rose. As far as we come in comic book movies, I know we can get there in other areas. The grand marriage of my ideas.. more blade and a black panther trilogy ( im going to keep randomly throwing it out there, maybe marvel spies on your page)