Bday wishes – Thor and Hulk Hogan

chris hemsworth tuxChris Hemsworth (31) – My countdown to Avengers: Age of Ultron is starting right…about…now, but curious about what Heart of the Sea and Blackhat will do to further your career next year as well.

Hulk Hogan (61) – To one of my all-time favorite wrestlers, hope you have a great birthday and looking forward to watching all the party hijinks on RAW tonight.

ViolaDavis 2014Viola Davis (49) – I try not to get too excited about new TV shows, but I am actually really looking forward to seeing How to Get Away with Murder and putting my over/under on how many Emmys this show could bring you.

Ian McDiarmidIan McDiarmid (70) – For bringing the pure evil to the “Star Wars” universe as The Emperor and one of the few things even the most ardent-prequel basher couldn’t complain about, here’s to a decidedly light side birthday.

alyson stonerAlyson Stoner (21) – I’m sure many will appreciate you more as Camille from Step Up, but your voice acting talents, especially as Batgirl on Young Justice are as much a treat to enjoy as your dance moves.




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