#GIVEAWAY: Win Machete Kills by naming your favorite #TheExpendables3 star

Expendables 3 - Wesley_SnipesI’m really looking forward to “The Expendables 3.” I wasn’t in the majority with “The Expendables 2” among critics, but I’ve got a soft spot for watching my favorite 80s action heroes teaming up on the big screen and with the addition of Wesley Snipes, Kelsey Grammer, Harrison Ford and Antonio Banderas, this could be a solid conclusion to the trilogy.

With so many stars and options, I figured we’d have a little fun and do another giveaway.

Machete-Kills-blu ray coverName your favorite Expendables star and your favorite film they starred in i.e. Harrison Ford, “Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” or Antonio Banderas, “Desperado” and you’ll be automatically entered in a contest to win a FREE Blu-Ray/DVD of “Machete Kills,” starring a guy who would make a heck of an Expendable himself, Danny Trejo.

I cover everything, including shipping, so you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. Enter away!




  • Pierre Mooney

    Yes, I was not too hot on #2, adding Wesley Snipes to the mix has won me over for #3. Snipes made a lot of movies overseas in the 90s but I guess most of us did not see them. I think the ones he made for American Audiences did well too. I loved the “passenger” thing. But he became better known overseas. Too bad he kind of lost his mind – “the tax thing” was crazy. He think he started to believe he was his movie characters.(smile)

  • Fred

    I actually think “Expendables 3” will open bigger than “Expendables 2” which was okay, but didn’t make as much domestic as the first one. I think E3 should be able to top E2’s 28.6 million opening and open between 30-35 million which should be enough to top the box office because you just know TMNT will take a big drop next weekend, count on it.

  • Bluebird (aka Sally Avril)

    My favorite star from expendables3 is Jet Li (Romeo Must Die)

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