Birthday Wishes – Aug. 14, 2014 – Mila Kunis & Halle Berry

Mila Kunis (31)

Mila-Kunis-for-Allure-2013Motherhood will no doubt agree with you, but we’re all very curious to finally get a chance to see Jupiter Ascending after it got pulled from the 2014 summer blockbuster season to Feb. 6.

Halle Berry (48)

halle berry hot 2014You clearly still remain the best thing to come out of Cleveland for many of us and while you had essentially a glorified cameo in X-Men: Days of Future Past, you’ve certainly remained busy with Extant. Now you just have to hope CBS doesn’t cancel it before it finds an audience…




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  • keith

    I see we going low key today jeff…. Im shocked we didnt get at least three photos of each one especially halle… slippage lol

  • keith

    but still though… lord halle fine

  • LOL. I had a second one, but it was from 2007 and that was a bit too vintage even for B-Day Wishes. 😉


  • keith

    quick topic: whats your favorite pics of your favorite movie actresses during their career. you can smooth this out if you want in a topic or on the fly lol. i will start halle and her bond girl pic when she coming out the water. I didnt watch that movie but I know its a bond film. (orange bikini with a knife) And couple more. Angelina in her apex in mr and mrs smith. That dress. Kerry washington. its a tie between She hates me/i think i love my wife…. FOR BOTH OF THE WHOLE DAMN MOVIES!!! whenever the subject of i think i love my wife… i feel shameful but im keeping it. A lot of married men are mad that he DIDNT cheat!! we was like NOOOO thats we have movies for. all in all dont be like us jeff.

  • keith

    and to cover the rainbow some more rosie perez… any stills or heck video from white men cant jump. she was fine before the enhancements I believe she received. JLo… havent really seen any of her movies… so i pass the baton to you sir.

  • keith

    no bites I see lol.

  • LOL. Soon. Working on Expendables 3 review 😉

  • Halle Berry bikini Die Another Day

    Kerry Washington in I Think I Love My Wife

  • keith

    YEEEAHHHH!!!! you dont know how bad i needed that. this has been a s h it week! robin williams gone. and clearly is hunting season on black people… and especially in missouri. and to think just weeks ago people were wondering if a gay football player in stl would be a distraction. But cops gunning folks down. NAAAH.. anyway.. im off my podium as this one my places to get uplifted. sorry jeff.

    please post more and i value your opinion too lol. But those will get to click this or bookmark this page!

  • keith


  • I aim to please 😉

  • Hey bud, if I can make your week a little by something I post here, I’m more than happy to help! 🙂

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