8 comments on “Box-office roundup – Aug. 17, 2014 – Turtle power holds on for a second week

  1. Im still mad I havent made the time or the energy to see get on up. I just wish they would now have instanst release for movies once they are done. I probably will actually buy get on up. The rest of these. I will consider them as apart of my vacation choices. The wife and I allow ourselves to waste money on anything at the box office on vacation. so lets be cops or exp 3.. coin flip lol.

  2. no its still playing.. just life getting in the way. i was in barnes and nobles and the theater is like 20 feet. i was reading and I like screw it im going. Thunderstorm… and I had no umbrella. I want to see James life on screen but not at being drenched and sitting in well cooled movie lol. i want to so bad today but i got work to do, sick kid, tired wife.. etc. Thats why that model of being able to watch at home … at a fair price will work for me. say if they allowed you to stream it, not buy or able to steal for 15 bucks. I would do it. I could avoid the rush. My wife and I can see more movies, we would pay the same price. But nope I know the chains need to sell overprice dolla store candy at full course meal price.

    We just going on coast at bilioxi. Go swimming, catch the LSU vs Wisc. game, my jags on espn 3 if possible. Movies? and sun and walking on the pier. The little man is staying with his auntie.

    • the bars are always packed out there for the opening of college weekend. the one spot where you will see a lot LSU colors, bama colors, and that sprinkle of gators in one spot for a weekend. (because of the gambling lol)

    • Yeah, sitting wet in an A/C theater is never a good look.

      Movie theaters are gonna fight that if for no other reason than for summer blockbusters, but maybe that would help more people see the Oscar hopefuls?

      Sounds like a very nice vacation plan.
      Hope your son is feeling better soon!

      • Thanks.. oh how could i forget .. I say batm assault on arkham.. MAN! now how is that they are slipping on the live side but their animation is top notch. they could released that in october in the winter in the theater and that makes money.. maybe. then i clicked on a horrible trailer for iron and cap n america…. smh. Its tired and run plot that EMH did in excellent fashion. The animation is s hit man.. I cant lie. they look like they were bathed in some shiny metallic paint. Their mouths moved like puppets. its a shame how marvel pimps itself out for their animation… i thought their Disney XD stuff was suspect… this is an all time low.

      • I think they’re trying to crank out one more before the end of the year.

        Ugh. I still need to write that piece on EMH. Thanks for the reminder.

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