Dwayne Johnson is playing Black Adam because he rocks

This folks is what you call perfect casting

It almost doesn’t matter who is gonna play Captain Marvel/Shazam at this point. This is money.Black Adam But just for kicks, who would you cast as Billy Batson/Captain Marvel?

  • SHAZAM!!!! The Rock is perfect for that role. He’s the MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN ALL OF ENTERTAINMENT!!! Besides, the Rock puts asses in the seats. John Cena couldn’t even draw a dime for anyone to see his lame movies.

  • 😉
    Yeah, of all the comic book roles Rock has been rumored for, I can’t think of a better one than Black Adam.
    That he does, even for lame films like “Hercules.” I did like “The Marine,” but beyond that Cena’s acting career is somehow worse than Hogan’s :-/

  • Cena’s promo work is an example of how bad of an actor he is. He just talks about the same old bullshit about how he’s going to overcome this and blah, blah, blah. When the Rock speaks, he electrifies.

  • Some of them are pretty lame, but when he’s inspired and not just saying the drivel they write for him, Cena can still deliver some good promos.
    But Rock really does have them eating from his hand, doesn’t he?

  • Like Ric Flair before him, the Rock talks and he can get a lot of people’s attention whether he’s a heel or a face. He’s a master in trash-talking and he can radiate greatness. The only one that really out-talked the Rock was CM Punk who had this aggression and realism to his mic work. It’s a shame he left the company but then again, I don’t blame him for leaving considering what the WWE is becoming.

  • What’s your take on Austin? He wasn’t as electrifying, but he could captivate an audience too.
    Disagree with you on Punk out-talking Rock though. I’d listen to Rock every time over Punk.
    WWE is lost in this creative lull, which is disappointing considering they seemed like they were getting on a roll with the Shield face turn, Daniel Bryan’s title reign and the Wyatts. Now, all that potential from a few months ago seems lost and wasted. At least Brock is still kicking tail.

  • Austin is my 2nd favorite wrestler of all-time. There was no one who personified the image of a full-on badass who didn’t give a fuck what people thought and I just loved what he does and his matches with the Rock are classics.

    WWE seemed to have something great with Daniel Bryan and the Wyatts but Bryan’s injury definitely took away a lot of momentum and now it’s becoming a bore to watch as Jerry Springer is coming to RAW for a segment with the Bellas and we’re going to endure another lame promo from Cena about how he will beat Brock Lesnar. I really hope Brock Lesnar takes Cena out for a very long time. Plus, I already have an idea for Lesnar’s opponent for WrestleMania 31 and it’s Daniel Bryan. Not the Rock and not Roman Reigns. Daniel Bryan is the most ideal opponent.

  • Not a bad choice at all. Mine are Bret Hart and Sting, but Austin, Rock, Hogan and HBK are all on the next rung.

    I’m curious how the heck WWE could book Bryan to look like he could hang at all with Brock now. I don’t see Reigns being the guy who could do it either though.

  • I have written a scenario of how to book Bryan’s return in not only challenging Brock Lesnar but also in settling some unfinished business with the Authority. I’ll post you a link as I had posted that scenario at the Echoing the Sounds message board which is a Nine Inch Nails-fan based message board.

  • Nice. Send away!

    Seems like us longtime fans can book better than the current TV writers they use.

  • OK, here’s pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3, and pt. 4. It’s just some rough ideas where I want to make some changes in finding a way for the Bellas to reunite and be off of TV for a while and all sorts of crazy things. I should note that none of the material is PG. This is all Vince McMahon’s fault for the way things are.

  • Cool. I’ll take a look soon! Thanks for sharing!

  • I absolutely loved your first two segments. The $2M line was perfect and such a fantastic way to end the show. Really great.

    Do think you’ve gotta give Triple H something so he’s not getting made to look so foolish every week though.

    Still working on pt. 5? Can’t stop now, want to hear how this plays out with Lesnar! 🙂

  • Well, I would make some changes where Nikki helps Brie in beating Stephanie after Daniel confronts Nikki for her actions as he gives her an old photo of the two girls which finally forced Nikki to come back to the family. The Bellas would be off TV for a while until the announcement is made for a Diva’s Tag Team Championship where the Bellas return under a new look and an attitude inspired by their love for pro wrestling.

    As for Bryan’s program with Brock Lesnar, it becomes very clear that the two don’t like each other but have some respect for another. A contract signing is held where Bryan decides to sign the contract with his own blood just to show how serious he is. Brock decides to do the same as an added stipulation would have the two men not make any physical contact towards one another until WrestleMania 31. I don’t know what I can do next. I would love to hear some ideas from you.

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