Beyonce celebrates 33rd birthday

Beyonce turns 33

Without any other notable birthdays today, figured I’d do something different and spotlight the dominant pop/R&B diva celebrating her 33rd b-day today – the one and only Beyonce. All hail Queen B with this amazing gallery of Beyonce at her absolute stunning best. beyonce-in heels

Beyonce has always been one of those ‘whoa’ females ever since I first saw her with the girls in Destiny’s Child. Their En Vogue tribute with ‘No, No, No, No’ was eye-opening.

And pretty much from that moment she has been in my Top 10 absolute hottest celebrities list. I won’t bore you with all the details, but let’s say she looks down on a majority of the list. Along with Nicki Minaj naturally.

beyonce drunk in love gif

In all fairness, I think most of us guys can admit a certain amount of easy coming hate for Jay-Z, no? That Drunk in Love gif is darned near hypnotic. Anyhow, as all of her fans can attest, she is a force, not just musically but in all things hotness so let’s take a moment to bask in the brilliance that is Queen B.

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  • keith

    I broke the post space

  • Hey man. All about giving the people what they want.

  • keith

    give what they need HEY ( shout out to grantland and jalen rose ). I heard love on top like 3 times today. Im cool with that being her bday song. One of my favorites. Im kind of fan/critic. she has the ablity to make some of the best songs and some of the most confounding weird ones. but her various forms are well nice. im partial to “thick bey” but I respect the work it takes as a heavy to person for her to get to “slim bey”.

  • So sad, I don’t think I’ve even heard that one yet. When she’s on with her songs they’re great, but she has been releasing out some clunkers lately.
    I’m a fan of either way 😉

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