New #HungerGames poster reveals Jennifer Lawrence as #OLTM #Mockingjay

Have I mentioned I can’t wait for this movie?

Katniss Hunger Games Mockingjay poster

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  • Fred

    I’ve been saying all year that this will be the biggest domestic grosser of 2014 and my mind has not changed on that one bit. As far as worldwide gross goes that title will go to Transformers 4 this year, I just can’t see any movie passing that in global grosses this year, not even the final ‘Hobbit’ film.

  • Now, I’ve got a serious one for you. Think the final HG could pull off an upset and knock off Avengers or Star Wars next year?

  • Fred

    Definitely not Avengers because that’s probably another 600 plus domestic grosser waiting to happen and I think THG top domestic range is 400-450 million at best. I think it has a chance at beating Star Wars domestically because it’s the final film in the series, but that build up for the new Star Wars series is looking pretty damn strong and it should be in good hands with JJ Abrams at the helm kicking it off. Globally THG won’t touch Star Wars. Another reason I think THG could possibly top Star Wars domestically is Mission Impossible 5 opens a week after Star Wars and while it won’t make the money Star Wars will make, it will be a big hit in Star Wars way, make no mistake about it. Still for now I’m going to say 1)AOU, 2)Star Wars, 3)THG, 4)James Bond, 5)Fast And Furious, my Top 5 for 2015 for now, my mind might change down the road. It could easily be a big smash animated film that breaks into that Top 5 or perhaps MI5 will prove to be an even bigger hit than I think it will be.

  • Always have to consider those sneaky animated films ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m kinda ready to start seeing some trailers for all those films in your top 5 save HG since I’ve got this year’s to tide me over.

    I wonder if HG Mockingjay part 1’s gross won’t surprise us both to the point we’ll change our mind? I’m still working on a friendly bet for our Star Wars vs Avengers wager.

  • Fred

    I have a wager in mind as well on that bet haha. I don’t know if I see ‘MockingJay part 1’ necessarily grossing more than ‘Catching Fire’, but I think it will finish in the same domestic range and should make a little more worldwide. So I’m thinking 400-420 for ‘Mockingjay part 1’ right now. Now being that ‘Mockingjay part 1’ will be the final film in the series it should get a boost like the final ‘Happy Potter’ film did, I could see that one grossing around 440-460 million domestic assuming ‘Mockingjay part 1’ get a similar fan and critic reaction as the first two HG films did. If for some reason this HG film is consider inferior and under par compared to the previous films it could have the final film’s box office potential. That goes for any film in any series. The reason I think AOU will be 2015’s biggest hit domestic and globally is because it’s coming off such a strong reaction from fans and critics as well, had the previous film been mediocre I don’t it would do nearly the numbers I think it’s going to do next year. Plus I hear the trailer that was shown at SDCC is amazing and absolutely blew the people away who seen it away. Personally I can’t wait to see the teasers for these films either.

  • Fred

    I’ll also say this much Jeff, we’ll know just how big of a hit AOU will be in it’s coming weeks. The first film reached 1 billion in only 19 days, a record it currently shares with “Avatar” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2”. If AOU reaches 1 billion in the same amount of time as the first film it should be on pace to gross around the same amount in the end, but if it reaches 1 billion in like 12, 13 days or something you might as well be prepared to concede me the winner my man because Star Wars isn’t going to be able to match a feat like that. If Avengers performs around the pace of the original or a little under it Star Wars could indeed challenge it for box office supremacy in 2015. But if it performs at a similar record breaking pace like I mentioned and makes a strong run at 2 billion forget it my friend, that’s an amount that’s far too great to equal or surpass, even for Star Wars. There’s a reason only two films in the history of cinema have topped 2 billion worldwide. I just think how AOU performs will really give us our clear answer, if it performs at a record breaking pace we’ve never seen before just forget it, it’s a wrap baby haha. Did you see where the ’85 Delorean from BTTF is up for PO now, it’s $680 or $690 I think.

  • Nice. Let’s hear it!

    I’d be shocked if Mockingjay was a letdown after Catching Fire. I’m very excited about that.

    It’s been so long since SDCC I’m shocked we haven’t gotten the trailer out to the masses yet. Booo on Marvel Studios for that!

  • Yeah, if it does indeed hit that mega-grossing second act it could be the all-time top grosser, which for purely selfish reasons I’m pulling for as it seems odd that “Avatar” would have that title.

    MI5 is gonna hurt Star Wars, but maybe we should debate domestically or internationally. For the purpose of the wager and all ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yep. Have it available for pre-order here.

  • Fred

    Obviously MI5 is not going to stop Star Wars from making money at all, not a legendary franchise like that. But MI5 is going to be a roadblock in it’s way, because while not at Star Wars level, it’s a pretty big franchise in it’s own right. I thought Avatar was good but not great, and I would love for AOU to knock it off but I don’t see that happening even for AOU. Going from 1.5 billion to over in 2.8 billion in one film is just too much to ask for, even for AOU. I’m thinking AOU has the potential to reach between 1.7 to 2.2 billion. If AOU can reach 2 billion, in my opinion it will set up the REAL TRUE threat to Avatar’s box office supremacy, ‘Avengers 3’. That film with Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet storyline and all the heroes combined could truly have the potential to be the biggest film in box office history. People who didn’t know who the hell Thanos was are now talking about him and the Infinity Stones constantly, he’s similar to the Emperor in the original Star Wars series just playing it low, quiet and coy in the background before he truly explodes out on the scene. I think Marvel really has big plans in store for his character when they finally unleash him full fold. It would also be an amazing coup if Marvel Studios can get Joaquin Phoenix to sign on the dotted line for the role of Dr. Strange, but there are other good candidates as well for the role.

  • I love how Marvel has handled Thanos. So glad they didn’t rush him out for Avengers 2 but instead are building up to it. I don’t know what to expect from Avengers 3 as it sounds like we’re either getting Civil War or Infinity Gauntlet. Guess either way we win, huh?

    I like Phoenix although I’m having some trouble seeing him as Dr. Strange.

  • Fred

    I love how Marvel is doing Thanos as well, just taking their time to build him up and have his character keep looming in the shadows for now. I don’t see a Civil War storyline at all, too many missing characters and elements for that to happen IMO. That is unless Marvel decided to do a storyline loosely based on it, but I can’t see that happening when some of the infinity stones have already been introduced and GOTG all but guaranteed we’ll be seeing an Infinity Gauntlet storyline by ‘Avengers 3’. We’ll know fairly soon who will be playing Dr. Strange.

  • In the poster that may be a tease or a fan mock up there was a Civil War subtitle. Maybe instead of Thanos in Avengers 3, we get a standalone Infinity Gauntlet.

  • Fred

    Yeah Jeff I seen that, I think that’s some fanboys wishing there my friend haha. Now if we do get a stand alone Infinity Gauntlet movie than that Civil War title might have some merit. The ’85 Delorean is not due to come out until the Spring of ’16, I’m going to wait a while and build up my Rewards Points some more and than use them on the ’85 Delorean. I’m around $190 dollars in Rewards Points but if I wait several months i’ll be over $300 dollars in Rewards Points. Did you see the game tonight, Seattle looked awfully good, they might be better than they we’re last year and could be the first team to repeat since New England to repeat in ’04.

  • With all the various pieces I’d rather see the Guardians, Dr. Strange, Inhumans and whatever other standalones they can create in a separate film instead of just tossing Infinity Gauntlet into Avengers 3 now that I think about it.

    So when you get the DeLorean, feel free to get it through here ๐Ÿ˜‰ (cheap plug cheap plug)

    Unfortunately I did. They looked too be a monster problem, but GB always plays terrible its first game of the season. We ran up over 400 yards passing on them when we played them last year.

  • Fred

    But than what if the Infinity Gauntlet was featured in Avengers 3 & 4, than that would pretty much kill any concern you would have than, because it would be fully fleshed out. I’ve always thought there should be an Avengers 3 and 4 to cover a big storyline like the Infinity Gauntlet anyway, have it where some heroes fall in both films sacrificing everything in order to defeat Thanos which is what it’s going to take anyway if Marvel does him right and justice on the big screen. We are going to get those films you mentioned, imagine the two Avengers films featuring the line up they already have along with Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Dr. Strange, Inhumans, GOTG, Ant-Man and Wasp, that would be too much for one film but not fleshed over two films.

  • Maybe. I’m a bit leery of to be continued movies. Maybe because of the unpredictability of those kinds of things,but I’d rather have them as standalone films.

    I’d forgotten Ant-Man for some odd reason. They almost have enough heroes to tangle with Thanos now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fred

    Yeah but it depends on the storyline, obviously is just about most cases 1 film per villain or story is enough. But there are exceptions like the Infinity Gauntlet and Civil War story lines that could easily make a strong fleshed out 2-part film Jeff. Now I’m not saying that will or should be the case, I’m just saying those are two particular storylines that’s big enough to do that if Marvel chose to go that path. Now if they we’re going to stop doing Avengers films after Phase 3 than I would definitely say close it out with a two part series and I’m sure you would agree with that. But seeing that I think there might end up being two different incarnations of the Avengers(East coast and West cost), each film should indeed be it’s own separate entity.