A new Walking Dead show is coming to #AMC #TheWalkingDead

The Walking Dead, saison 1Hope you haven’t had your fill of walkers and the soon to be dead among them anytime soon.

AMC has ordered a pilot that would follow another group of survivors trying to make their way in the same world that Rick Grimes, Darryl, Maggie and Tyrese are inhabiting.

EW reports that TWD executive producers Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert and TWD creator Robert Kirkman are along for the ride and Dave Erickson (“Sons of Anarchy”) will be the showrunner.

If TWD/AMC status quo holds up, Erickson will depart over creative differences midway through the first season.

the walking dead walkersMaybe this will be a Walking Dead version comic book purists will find more to their liking and more in tone with the source material?

“There are many corners of The Walking Dead universe that remain unseen in the shadows,” Kirkman told IGN.com. “Being given the opportunity to shine a light into those corners and see what lurks out there is an absolute thrill. I know the fans are anxious to hear what Dave and I have been cooking up for this new universe of The Walking Dead and I’m happy to be one step closer to sharing it with them.”

the-walking-dead--daryl and rickWith the runaway success of TWD it’s kinda surprising it’s taken this long for AMC to try and milk more out of it and if the show is greenlit, it would make sense to run it while the Grimes-version TWD is on hiatus.

You can almost see AMC execs’ lighting up at the prospect of the inevitable crossover episode, can’t you?

What do you think? Excited about this news or worried that TWD is close to suffering from overexposure?

  • Pierre Mooney

    Yes, I think I mentioned previously that the plot seems to be going no where or has no where to go – but for some reason I still watch it. I do not know if I would want to it that much though. You are on the right track. I think over exposure is a very real possibility in this case.

  • Ever watch “Lost” Pierre? They did this really great episode in the second season showing a separate storyline that was occurring on another side of the island. It was one of my favorites and it showed the possibility of shifting things up.

    The other group would need to have a dramatically different approach, but if they run a shorter season, say 12 episodes, it could work.

  • I heard from a bunch of folks that it got too complex for them. Wonder if it would be a smoother experience for you if you watched it multiple episodes at once?

  • Pierre Mooney

    Sorry Jeff I do not think so. I have friends who just watched it so they could guess what was going on. It was like game with them. No body ever won, but they did not expect to – Just too complicated.

  • Hey my friend, I know it’s not for everyone 😉
    At least you gave it a shot.