• Fred

    Looking at these pics The Vision looks absolutely fantastic and very comic book accurate if you ask me. Sure there are a few tweaks and modern upgrades here and there, but nowhere near to the point where it takes away from his classic look or hinders it in any way, in fact it adds a cool little upgrade to it. Whedon and the designers have really done their homework in terms of upholding his comic book look, and i think the look without the collar is just fine.

  • Yep. Maybe Whedon will surprise us and have the collar flare up while Vision flies. I’m happy it retains the green, yellow and red color scheme and it actually looks like Vision and not another suit for Iron Man.

  • Fred

    True. I know some people we’re complaining about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s outfits which they we’re very misinformed on for two reasons, one that’s their outfits before they join The Avengers duh. And two if you honestly think Scarlet Witch is going to have an outfit like her old school look you have lost your damn minds haha, that’s not going to happen. I’m sure once they officially join the avengers they have some sleek outfits that’s fairly close to their modern day look in the comics, probably more of the ultimate look compared to the 616.

  • I don’t mind Quicksilver’s look, but I do wish Scarlet Witch had a bit more red in her attire.

  • Fred

    I agree with you, perhaps Scarlet will have more red in her new updated attire i’ll assume. After all she is called Scarlet Witch for a reason.

  • Wonder if we’ll see them “suit-up” a la Hawkeye near the end of Avengers?

  • keith

    or they can go… all black like the xmen. hahahahahah. jeff will blow a gasket

  • Fred

    That’s a good question.

  • Fred

    Black leather baby from head to toe haha. I’m sure Jeff would love that lol.

  • We can only hope!

  • I’d go nuts. I was annoyed Hawkeye had so much black until I saw it was his Ultimate Avengers outfit, which I didn’t like there either.