Box office roundup – Sept. 14, 2014 – “No Good Deed” has great opening week


1. No Good Deed – $24.5 million [debut week] – Like our fearless box office prognosticator Fred predicted, Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson had their biggest opening weekends as headliners en route to an easy box office win. With a very modest $13.2 million budget, the film has already made a sizable profit. The real question will be how it holds up next week. If it’s like recent thrillers like “The Call,” it could have a significant drop in its second weekend.
Dolphin Tale 22. Dolphin Tale 2 – $16.5 million – [debut week] Experts thought it would be a tighter race for the top spot, but the sequel to the 2011 surprise hit failed to match the original’s $19.2 million haul. With fewer options for families, this should have a solid place among the Top 5 for the rest of the month.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy – $8 million [7th week; $300 million] – The summer and the year’s biggest hit continues to roar and has now has reached $612 million worldwide.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – $4.8 million [6th week; $181 million in total] – Paramount’s second biggest success of the summer (behind “Transformers: Age of Extinction“) has shown surprising staying power in the Top 5.

5. Let’s Be Cops – $4.3 million [5th week; $73 million] The buddy cop film looks to have enjoyed its final week in the Top 5 and will likely wrap its run just shy of $90 million.




  • Expected results, just not in expected fashion. I figured No Good Deeds would take the top spot, but I thought DT2 would be closer.

  • Anonymous

    props to fred. In fact I think it will be second next week. I think a lot ladies who love idris and can get over him being evil( i know its a problem for some folks???) will actually go see it soon. In fact i wanted to see and now im more prone to as well pickings are slim with starring african americans, most people actually love those two. (idris and tarajji is talented and she is one of my on screen crushes.. so sweet and accessible). Now I feel bad I didnt see Think like a man two in the movies, but oh well. Comedies play well anywhere including my couch. Thillers are for the big screen. Now if i can only get my wife to go… dont think its going to happen. I may feel strange watching this one alone lol.

  • I’m thinking the majority of folks who wanted to see it did so this weekend. My biggest question is how big a drop it’ll have.

    TLAM2 actually comes out tomorrow. Posting a link you can buy it from in a few hours.

    Yeah, you kinda need someone to whisper/talk to while watching a thriller.

  • keith

    dont know why that comment didnt include my name

  • Knew it was you buddy 😉

  • keith

    speaking of the stars of the movie. grantland mentioned an article on how she feels like she is stil treated like she is on the D list on E!online. I dont know why I clicked on the comments section. jeff it would be so cool if you ever score an interview with her. i agree with her speaking out how in some ways a black actresses can be treated. She also was being very tongue in cheek about some her tv viewing and people started calling her ghetto, etc. So that article that highlights black actresses and actors.. please keep that one going. maybe semi annual? lol I know I ask so much of you.. like I pay your bills.

  • keith

    oh and how long before I need to pick my wrestling game to open up a can of whoop A sz

  • It comes out Oct. 28 I believe. Then, it’s on!