Someone hide my wallet – Hot Toys just revealed Star Wars Han Solo figure pics

Hot Toys Star Wars Han Solo - aiming with Chewie

Yep. Now we’re in some serious trouble. I barely resisted “The Dark Knight” offerings and have held off on getting every awesome Marvel Universe figure put out, but here friends is where Hot Toys will get me with every release. They hinted at it during San Diego Comic Con, but now they’ve shown the first figures in their Star Wars roll-out and I am gonna be all over ’em!

Hot Toys Star Wars Han Solo - aiming“Here’s where the fun begins.” – Han Solo

Hot Toys has always been a big fan of the iconic Star Wars saga and we are thrilled to have acquired the official right to manufacture collectibles from the Star Wars universe this year! We will bring fans a large range of high-end collectibles with movie-accurate details and stunning likeness! To kick off this incredible series, Hot Toys is very excited to introduce the 1/6th scale collectible figure of the infamous smuggler, Han Solo, from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope!

The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Harrison Ford as Han Solo in the film and features a newly developed body, highly detailed costume, weapons, accessories, and a specially designed figure stand.

A special edition that is available for selected markets will include an additional Stormtrooper belt and blaster rifle which Han Solo has used on Death Star.

Star Wars fans don’t miss the opportunity to pre-order this amazing collectible figure! More collectibles from the Star Wars universe are coming. Stay tuned!

Pre-order here: Han Solo Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

  • Barry Murray

    I love the details.
    And chewie looks amazing.
    I won’t be getting them, but they do look cool.

  • Yeah. I’ve held out on getting a 12″ Chewie until someone figured out how to do it right. Looks like HT figured it out! πŸ™‚

  • Barry Murray

    Yep. Seems like a lot of work went into the protos.
    I’m sure loads of people will preorder them as soon as they are up!
    They are iconic, but won’t fit in my collection.

  • I’ll be fighting them to get mine in as well. What’re you looking at picking up next?

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  • Barry Murray

    I am still waiting for the lumber yard to call to tell me they have made the wooden parts for my new display cabinet. Till then, my collection is on a shelf at work! I have the 1000Toys Synthetic Human, War Machine 2.0, Iron Patriot, and Golden Age Cap all boxed up and waiting for me to get my cabinet done.
    As for what i am getting next, i have Snake Plisskin on order, and the Sideshow Superman. No telling when they will be released. If i find myself flush, i might finally pick up The Mechanic Tony Stark. I have always wanted that one.
    How about you? Seen anything lately that made you want to buy?

  • Aww man that sounds cool. Can’t wait to see pics when it’s finished!

    I’m in the process of reorganizing my collection as well so need to figure out what to do with what.

    I’m getting all the Winter Soldier figures save Black Widow, Han and Chewie and I’m really debating getting the Guardians.

  • Barry Murray

    That’s fair point. I have all the Caps on order. No BW, but i am considering it. I just moved house though, so my budget is tight. Especially with the new iPhone tugging at me…
    I hated Guardians, so i am glad i won’t be getting them, lol.
    I did just take on a commission to make a four foot long Daedalus from Stargate Atlantis, so maybe that will pay for the iPhone!
    Are you reorganising so as to get rid of some? Or just moving them around?

  • Yeah, the house looks very nice. Which version iPhone are you looking at? Regular or Plus?

    Man, that sounds challenging. What are you gonna make it out of?

    I’m considering getting rid of the Sideshow SW figs, the others I’m just gonna move around.

  • Barry Murray

    Thanks for your kind words about the house. I am probably going to get an iPhone6+. Just for the novelty of the larger screen.
    Don’t worry, i never put my phone in my pocket, lol.
    As for the cabinet, i am making a super detolf. Using parts from five detolfs, and new custom base and lid panels made from wood(Being made right now at a local lumber yard), i will make a detolf that is five detolfs wide and two deep. It will mean the Delorean can fit in there, and although this item is technically less wide than my previous six detolf setup, it will have the internal volume of more than ten detolfs.
    I can imagine that the idea of HT SW figures has more than a few people considering offloading their SS SW figures. Han and Chewie look great! I have visions of a MF cockpit diorama being offered…

  • That super detolf sounds impressive!

    Can you post a pic of the six detolf?

    That would be a very nice diorama and I’m sure HT would do a great job on it!

  • Barry Murray

    Yeah, i am really excited about it. More pics as it comes together.

    If you wanted to see what my previous setup looked like before we moved, here’s a link:

  • Man that’s nice! Very classy looking presentation. I only have one Detolf now, but I definitely am approaching the point where two is needed. Thanks for sharing!

  • Barry Murray

    Thanks Jeff. That display as it is has been consigned to history and pictures. Like i say, it will never be seen like that ever again! All those detolfs will be cannibalised to make the new display.
    You need to post pics of your own display!

  • LOL. Looking forward to the new edition.
    As soon as I finish unpacking I’ll share mine too! πŸ™‚

  • Barry Murray

    Great news. I will look forward to that!

  • I re-shelving a little at a time. Work in progress, but I’m getting there! πŸ™‚

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