Ethan Hawke might be Marvel's new Dr. Strange

ethan hawkedr. strangeEthan Hawke may be making a house call to the Marvel cinematic universe.

Previously, Marvel Studios was supposedly wrapping up final negotiations with Joaquin Phoenix to star as Dr. Stephen Strange, but now it appears Hawke has now emerged as the front-runner, according to This is Infamous.

Hawke is in negotiations on a six-picture deal, which would allow Strange to appear in his own solo film as well as any “Avengers” or “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies.

While Phoenix is super talented, I was never totally sold on him as Strange. I could see Hawke giving Strange a darker, more mysterious edge. What do you think?



  • Fred

    To be honest I definitely see Hawke more as Doctor Strange than Phoenix, both are very talented actors and I’m sure Marvel won’t go wrong if they choose either of these guys. I know Marvel has been talking to Phoenix for months and seeing that he had yet to sign makes this new developing story make a lot of sense. And besides I would much rather Marvel sign an actor who’s going to have the dedication, time and patience that will be required for this role. Like I said before Phoenix is an excellent actor but he doesn’t necessarily strike me as a guy who could commit to a 4,5,6 picture deal and I think Hawke is capable of that. I guess time will tell how true this latest rumor is, even though I’ve heard talk saying Hawke signed over the weekend and the deal is now being finalized. Let’s wait and see how this one plays out haha.

  • Fred

    Now if Hawke has indeed signed on to play Stephen Strange, I think it’s an excellent choice. Like you said Jeff, I could definitely see him bringing that much needed dark and mysterious edge to the character. I also think Marvel wants to get on with this signing so they can start putting the rest of the pieces together. ‘Cap 3’ will start shooting in March and I’m pretty sure Marvel will probably want to get underway with ‘Strange’ by May or June. Once the role of Dr. Strange is confirmed I expect to see other signings for the remainder of the cast to get underway soon after that. It sounds like we’ll be getting that first ‘Age Of Ultron’ trailer with ‘Big Hero 6’ and ‘Interstellar’ and I can’t wait to see it, rumor has it the trailer could be available on the internet by the end of this month.

  • I think I do too. I wasn’t completely sure, but the more I think about it, I really see Hawke settling in nicely with a recurring role.

  • And that trailer cannot hit a moment too soon for me!

    I’m not as interested in the rest of the Dr. Strange cast. Like “Iron Man” and “Cap,” once you get the main character cast, the supporting cast doesn’t matter all that much.

  • Fred

    Well by far the most important signing for Doctor Strange is the title character of course, but it’s still always good to be surrounded by a strong supporting cast, it certainly doesn’t hurt lol. Yes I want to see that AOU trailer badly, I’m salivating waiting to see it haha.

  • keith

    i say ranma from the raid to be wang. someone will get their teeth kicked in

  • I’d much rather see him play Shang-Chi. Wang would be a background factor.

  • keith

    but have phoenix play the evil dr. mordo. yeah i think thats up his alley.

  • THAT would work and I’d be fully on board with that!

  • Fred

    That might be much more suitable for Phoenix since he seems to be very hesitant and highly unlikely to sign a 5-6 pic deal with Marvel. Playing a character like Mordo he would only be contracted to play in 1-2 films at most, now I could see Phoenix doing that without an issue.

  • keith

    but of course its make too much since and they will seth rogan to do it lol

  • keith

    sense.. or james franco.. if this was fox or sony… then it would be comical

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