Agents of SHIELD: Heavy is the Head recap S2Ep. 2

Last week kicked off what looks to be a very exciting second season for “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and this week’s outing continues firmly hitting the new status quo as a team version James Bond/comic book hybrid.

We pick right up from last week’s conclusion with Hunter (Nick Blood) trapped in the getaway truck after Creel/Absorbing Man (Brian Patrick Hunter) attacked and stole the Obelisk. May (Ming-Na Wen) is in hot pursuit, but stops to free Hunter, but he insists that she bring Creel down. She gives him one of the cool S.H.I.E.L.D. “lightsabers,” but before he can fully get away, he’s captured by the soldiers from the military base the group infiltrated.

May has a clear shot at Creel, but Director Coulson (Clark Gregg) wants her to stand down so he can find out who Creel is reporting to in a sequence that asserts Coulson’s new status as well as provide a glimpse of how Coulson interacted with agents when he wasn’t hanging with Avengers.

HENRY SIMMONSTrip (B.J. Britt) and Skye (Chloe Bennet) return with the Quinjet, which Coulson hopes the group’s new resident tech genius, Mack (Henry Simmons), can analyze and duplicate its cloaking technology. Skye and Trip are good for at least one solid, relaxed scene and episode that feels like a laid-back moment with spies. While the writers don’t necessarily need to force a romantic subplot to the dynamic, more Trip/Skye scenes would be something I’d enjoy seeing more of in future episodes.

I really like how against type the casting of Mack is — Simmons is a big, muscular guy and instead of having him play a brawny fighter, he’s the tech guy. And it is truly refreshing to watch two black guys interact in an action series and not be related.

Hunter is dropped in a field and Gen. Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) arrives via helicopter in an effort to persuade him to give up Coulson. Hunter, being a reasonable mercenary names his price — a proper burial for Hartley and not the smear campaign funeral that other ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. members have received … and $2 million. A man’s gotta eat after all.

CLARK GREGG, NICK BLOODBack at the S.H.I.E.L.D. base, Hunter returns and Coulson knows Talbot tried to sway him, but promises to help him get Creel. Blood is proving a nice new cast addition and it’s nice not knowing which way Hunter will side.

Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Jemma Simmons) try to crack a code to neutralize Creel’s powers, but Fitz still can’t put his words and thoughts together correctly. Simmons “tells” him he ought to confide in Mack as he’s different than the others. That could prove a fun pairing.

Creel meanwhile has his own problems as he can’t get the Obelisk out of his system. His HYDRA handler assures that he’ll be fine so long as he sticks with the plan and just in time to throw a monkeywrench in those efforts, Raina (Ruth Negga) appears and tries to bribe him with carbine. It’s a nice character trait to make Creel a bit of a material junkie always lusting for a new feel.

Trip, May, Skye and Coulson debate strategies when Reina calls. She slipped a tracker in the carbine and Coulson’s crew have one shot to nail him before he vanishes again. Hunter wants in on the mission them to help track down, but those of you who smelled a double cross you’re clearly not struggling with allergies as Hunter stuns Skye, Trip and May … so he can kill Creel. Hunter may not be a team player, but he is bringing a loose cannon edge that was missing previously.CLARK GREGG, CHLOE BENNET, B.J. BRITT

In the episode’s “that was cool!!!!” moment, Hunter takes aim with Trip’s high-powered rifle, but in a sweet slo-motion shot, Creel turns around and absorbs into a bulletproof substance. He goes after the out-matched Hunter, but is saved by Coulson making use of one of Fitz’s old gizmos.

Coulson makes good on his promise to Hunter and arranges for a proper burial for Hartley. As Hunter sets off, Coulson recruits him to officially join the team as the member who is willing to do the good things he can’t anymore. I like it. This reclamation project with Hunter seems to have a lot more promise than last season’s arc with Skye.

SHIELD - Heavy is the Head - Fitz, Simmons and MacMay and Skye look on at Mack and Fitz having a heartfelt conversation about Simmons (Fitz seems like he’s starting to at least be aware he shouldn’t admit he’s seeing Simmons), and Skye reveals she’s worried about Coulson. Having some distance between Coulson and his star agent from last season is a smart move as it’s giving her more time to hang with her fellow agents and not simply be the “outsider” voice that always convinced Coulson to do something outside of S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol.

While Skye is merely suspicious, May knows what’s wrong with Coulson. They both agree it’s time for Coulson to have another episode and he gets back to work carving out that mysterious symbol he started working on last season.

Meanwhile, Raina brings the Obelisk to a stranger (Kyle McLaughlin). He tells her to pick it up and this time, it doesn’t lead to a gruesome murder and simply lights up in a pattern similar to Coulson’s carvings. She’s as surprised as we are, but the stranger assures her it let her live and he’ll reveal everything once she brings him his daughter.

NICK BLOOD, MING-NA WEN, CLARK GREGGPost-credit scene, Coulson is in a field awaiting Talbot, who comes storming in with several SUVs. Coulson has Creel on ice (smart move not killing him off) and offers to keep bringing in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most wanted provided Talbot gives them some breathing room. Talbot’s not biting saying he doubts S.H.I.E.L.D. has any personnel, much less firepower until Coulson has the team drop the Quinjet’s cloak as he boards another cloaked vehicle. Mac and Fitz have the cloaking devices working and the special effects look much crisper yet again.

The show has settled in nicely from passing curiosity to must-watch status and this week didn’t disappoint and with next week’s teaser promising to reveal Simmons’ whereabouts since leaving the team, it should be just as entertaining.


  • Fred

    It’s about 15 minutes away from coming on where I’m at. The first episode kick season 2 off strongly IMO and I’m looking forward to tonight’s show.

  • Curious what you think of this week’s show now that it’s over.

  • Fred

    It was another very good show, it seems like AOS have picked up where they left off last season. It took AOS half the season to find some good footing in the first season but it looks like this season will be different. They’re off to a very strong start with the potential to get even better.

  • keith

    I loved how it picked up right where the action left off. No more mute cutes back at HQ with skye. It keeping it tight and cohesive to start was a great idea to allow the new guys to come on the team and make impacts (MAC as well). I already so much like the new agent over the pompous and dull know it all that ward started as. I so hope that the skyeward thing is dead. If fact it seems more natural that skye and tripp could start in like with one another as they try to keep things cool. I agree just have two normal blacks guys not be weird, “brothers”, and needed is refreshing in tv sometimes. Mac has to be most swole tech guy ever. But he is helping fitz (great acting job by him so far, poor tortured guy) Creel was awesome every minute. I didnt even mind renya popping up, who even served a purpose than being Cute( she was looking even better this episode!) and mysterious for once.

    The creel action was good enough where I would like to see him break out and be a minor fight in a marvel movie. He earned it. The deflection of the bullet is what should happen in a comic world. And only high powered science gadet can even slow him down since well he can fight the hulk in theory. They need to let that happen and let him steal some hulk power or some of the other heroes if not for 10 min. That would be great. I see simmons may have gone evil. Or deep cover. Stay tune lol. ( as long as they dont pull that crap with ward.) Im sorry fangirls he is evil.. that is all.

  • keith

    I may go back and watch both of these episodes together. fits like a good tv movie

  • I’ve been impressed with the direction. Seems like an entirely different show at this point.

  • I was very glad the writers didn’t bother shoehorning Ward in this week’s episode. That would get old quick so I’m glad they showed some patience in not making that a weekly crutch.

    “Evil” Simmons has some potential. Really looking forward to next week’s episode to see how it plays out.

    I was really glad they didn’t kill Creel off and I’d love to see him fighting Thor and Hulk in a movie as well!

  • Very nice one-two punch there.