Chris Hemsworth will be suiting up as Thor for at least two more films

We’ve had a lot of questions about the Avengers franchise lately. Will Avengers 3 be a two-part film? Will two or three founding members sit out Avengers 3? Will Spider-Man be making an appearance? At least we’ve gotten some confirmation on one firm bit of information. We’ll be seeing Chris Hemsworth as Thor for at least two more films after The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner
Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage
Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner

Hemsworth spoke to The Morning Show about how many more appearances he’s contractually set for with his initial Marvel Studios contract.

‘I still got three more [films] in my contract that I need to finish off but I love playing the character,’ Hemsworth said. One of those three includes AOU. ‘It’s three times I’ve played the character now [and this] has made me look at it in a different way.’

We know one of those two will be Thor 3, which is being scripted by Christopher Yost, but as for the sixth film? It’s anyone’s guess at this moment, but it would seem to behoove Marvel Studios to have it truly be meaningful if there’s any speculation that Hemsworth won’t be up for signing a short-term deal for two more Thor appearances.

It’s a testament to how dominant Marvel Studios is on the movie landscape that the second film isn’t even out yet and people are already speculating on Avengers 3.


  • Ben

    This is good news. Thor is an overlooked character in the movies. Nobody seemed to be that bothered about Thor 3 alongside Civil War and such.

  • Cant be too sure but he was heavily featured in the trailers for Age of Ultron. Im looking forward to Thor 3 as well!?