NWA is reunited and I feel so old #NWA

The surviving members of NWA – DJ Yella, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and MC Ren – are reuniting to lend behind the scenes expertise to the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton and it has definitely been a number of years since their 1980s heyday.

NWA - DJ Yella, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and MC Ren 2014

Can I possibly be this old that some of my favorite rappers from back in the day look like they’re ready for the bowling game or backyard picnic? Well, at least their music N.W.A. – Greatest Hits remains timeless…

  • Fred

    Haha your not alone my man, i share the same timeline with you. I don’t feel old though Jeff, just more seasoned my friend. That bowling line was hilarious, I have a friend who is in a bowling league and I’m going to email this article to him haha.

  • I like that – “seasoned.”
    Thanks man, every so often I’m pretty happy with a line 😉

  • Fred

    Exactly, age like fine wine instead of drying up and withering away baby haha.

  • If it helps, I’m also “seasoned.” And yeah, Ren & The Villain look like a real deal grandpas. Wow.

  • Yeah man. That was pretty stunning for me.

  • Fred

    Haha fellas we all age, but Dre and especially Cube seem to be aging pretty well.

  • Cube definitely. Apparently leaving the group did wonders for his health!

  • Fred

    Haha yeah Jeff, I guess Cube didn’t stick around long enough for that ‘Ruthless’ poison from Jerry Heller to take effect. Cube is the only one that looks younger than his age, Dre looks about his age but that dude got guns now, the brother’s pretty cut. It’s not like Ren and Yella looked jacked up or anything, they just look their age and then some compared to Cube.

  • You’re right. Cube looks like he’s taken care of himself. I guess when you’re doing movies you’re more focused on your appearance. The others except for maybe Dre haven’t even done music videos lately.

  • Fred

    That’s very true, Cube is in the spotlight much more because of the movies he does as well. Dre is in the spotlight to a lesser extent, but the money that brother made for selling his ‘Beats By Dre’ company to Apple is insane. 600 million he sold it for, making him the wealthiest rapper ever. Dre and Cube are probably among the 5 most successful rappers ever in terms of money made and overall success, so that’s not too damn bad coming from one group. I do wish Dre would have released that long rumored ‘Detox’ album, but it must have not been up to his standards if he never released it. Another thing I’m excited about outside of the movie is that there might be a chance NWA makes some new tracks for the soundtrack of ‘Straight Outta Compton’, I sure hope so. Classics like ‘atural Born Killers’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Chin Check’ are great examples of how good these cats still sound when the get together and make music. Actually Jeff I would love a new album from these legends, even if it’s just for one last time. If ever there was a time to do it again the time would be now, when all eyes would be focused on NWA and their history. That album would be a guaranteed number one million dollar seller, and they can even have their protégés like Snoop, WC, Eminem, Mack 10, Dogg Pound, 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar make guess appearances on the album, tell that wouldn’t be absolutely majestic and epic.

  • Fred

    Oops, I meant to say tell ‘me’ that wouldn’t be absolutely majestic and epic.