Hot Toys will make you buy Robocop/Alex Murphy set for more than a dollar #Robocop

Hot Toys Robocop and Alex Murphy set - collage

If you’re a Robocop fan I can’t think of any way you don’t add this to your collection if money isn’t an object.

Hot Toys Robocop and Alex Murphy set - MurphyThe prototype of the new battle damaged version Robocop Collectible Figure captured many fans’ attention when it was shown in toy fairs earlier this year as it is the first ever official 1/6th scale collectible figure which features a remarkable likeness of Peter Weller! The cyborg officer has been very popular with fans, but we can’t forget about the man who was brutally “murdered” to become RoboCop. We are delighted to present a special collectible figures set which includes the highly-anticipated 1/6th scale collectible figures of the battle damaged version of RoboCop and Alex Murphy in police uniform!

Hot Toys Robocop and Alex Murphy set - Murphy with gun and helmetThe movie-accurate RoboCop (Battle Damaged Version) Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on the image of Peter Weller as the battle damaged RoboCop. It features a new sculpted head sculpt with mechanical details, specially painted battle damaged armor, working thigh gun holster, detailed weapons and accessories.

The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Peter Weller as Alex Murphy in his police uniform in the film featuring a newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed costume, weapons, and accessories.

Don’t miss the chance to pre-order the Collectible Figures Set if you are a RoboCop fan!

Pre-order the set now: Robocop Robocop Battle Damaged Version & Alex Murphy Robocop Sixth Scale Figure Set

  • Barry Murray

    It’s going to be hard to resist this one. And i already passed on Robocop… I reckon i am going to have to question that decision!

  • Yeah, it’s very, very tempting. Still time to get ED-209 😉

  • Barry Murray

    Yeah, but with the PR disaster with Ed, i might still avoid that.

  • What happened?

  • Barry Murray

    The re-issued ED209 had the exact same problem that the original one had of the mesh face plate disintigrating. But this time, unlike the old one(Which took years to fall apart), the new one was arriving brand new with the faceplate in pieces…
    I’d be very worried spending all that cash on something that could be damaged BNIB.

  • Yikes. That’s a real issue there. Definitely don’t need any HT product being a damage-risk right out the box.

  • Barry Murray

    They claim to have solved the problem with later batches. But how can you know which batch you are buying?

  • Yeah that’s way too risky.

  • Barry Murray

    Although to be fair, i know i could personally replace the grill myself with something better than Rubber…
    I’ll see if i can swing the cash for Robo and the two-set and maybe then worry about getting ED and sorting out a fix for the mesh then.

  • Fred

    Unfortunately for me money is always an object my friend, just never seem to have enough of it dammit haha. But thank goodness for the Flexpay option, without that I would not have been able to accumulate nearly the amount of figures that I have. Hopefully i’ll have diecast Robocop by the end of this month and I might just have to PO this set. I knew I wanted the helmetless Robocop to go along with the diecast version, time will tell what I decide to do. Plus I know for an absolute fact that once the Ellen Ripley figure becomes available for PO i’ll be all over that baby. I passed on the Ed-209 because I heard of those problems as well, plus the sound chips just feature some Asian dude mimicking Ed-209’s voice, they fixed that problem with the new Robocop by using the REAL Murphy voice lol.

  • You’re pretty creative with the Hot Toys fix ups so I’ll be interested in seeing what you do.

  • As soon is Ripley goes up, I’ll have her and this up to pre-order for you guys!