First glimpse of Netflix's Daredevil is kinda familiar #Daredevil


Marvel provided us with our first look at Daredevil for the upcoming May 2015 Netflix series in both his alter ego Matt Murdock and his crime-fighting attire – or at least the initial version – at today’s New York Comic Con panel.


Star Charlie Cox certainly looks the part, but does the first costume remind anyone else of the Daredevil/Hulk movie, “Trial of The Incredible Hulk” or is it just me?


Marvel says this is just the first version of his outfit so hopefully it’ll be more in line with the classic red attire he’s worn for most of his comic tenure.

What do you think?

  • Looks bad. Then again what do I know? I liked the outfit Ben Affleck wore in the movie…and the movie itself.

  • Hey man, I enjoyed it too so it definitely wasn’t just you and I thought that movie suit looked fine besides the mask’s mouth section.