Marvel's CEO almost ruined the Civil War movie plans by hardballing Robert Downey Jr.

chris evans and robert downey jrMarvel’s biggest villain may not be Dr. Doom, Thanos or even Galactus, but Marvel Entertainment chief Ike Perlmutter, who almost killed Robert Downey Jr.’s role in “Captain America 3.”

According to Variety, Marvel planned to only have Downey on for a cameo role that would only need him on set for three weeks. Downey, who has a clear understanding that his Marvel paycheck far exceeds any other career opportunity, wanted a larger role. Perlmutter, who’s quickly gaining a terrible reputation for his short-temper and complete lack of the big picture, allegedly told the screenwriters to write Iron Man completely out of the film. Clearly at this point Marvel is succeeding in spite of Perlmutter. It would be like New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft getting ticked that Brady wants a bigger contract and trying to trade him to Oakland.

kevin feigeKevin Feige, Marvel Studios’ president/real-life Captain America, continued talks with Downey’s agents as the Civil War story was a way to keep the Marvel Studios’ universe from becoming too stale and predictable and was finally able to sell Perlmutter on the positives of going along with Downey’s wishes. Again, how crazy is it that Feige had to sell his boss on the idea that Downey, the guy who sparked this whole billion-dollar franchise, was worth bringing back to keep the money train rolling? I guarantee fans wouldn’t be nearly as excited if Star-Lord was leading an opposing side in Civil War instead of Iron Man.


  • Fred

    Fans sure wouldn’t be as excited if Star Lord was on the other side as opposed to Iron Man my friend haha, you can say that again. I understand that Ike Perlmutter is running Disney, but there are just times even as a boss that you have to step back and look at the bigger picture at the potential growth in the franchise your running. Even bosses sometimes get great advice from their employees, that’s what they pay them the big bucks for, to make them look brilliant wink. Feige must have really sold Perlmutter on the movie where he finally said okay, okay I get it. With Iron an and the Civil War storyline in the picture, they could potentially have an Avengers level sized hit which is why I now believe ‘Cap 3’ will be a bigger hit than BvS in 2016. It was wise for Feige and Marvel to lock in RDJ for another picture and perhaps a little more, yes it’s going to cost but the return from the films will far out weight whatever you pay RDJ, I can tell you that now. ‘Cap 3’ is now guaranteed to follow AOU as the MCU’s 4th billion dollar grossing film with more to follow.

  • Fred

    I can totally understand Ike Perlmutter’s position as being a boss who plays hardball and runs a tight ship, i’m sure the man would not have acquired the level of success and position he attained without having that ability. And it’s obviously a great ability to have, and has served his purpose through Perlmutter’s rise in rank. That being said there are times when you hold them and there are just other times when you have to fold them, this was one of those times obviously lol.

  • Perlmutter’s smartest move was keeping Feige around to talk him off the ledge when he’s about to do something stupid.

    It’s crazy to think, but I’d starting to lean toward Cap 3 outgrossing AOU at this point. Seems like so much momentum and excitement is being built around that and with another year of hype it will only further stoke fan interest.

  • True, but I would be ok being the guy who gave in to RDJ and that allowed my company to make billions 😉

  • Fred

    Very true my friend. You bring up a good point about ‘Cap 3’ possibly out grossing AOU, even though I don’t think it will, there is a possibility which is why I now believe it will out gross BvS effortlessly. But I think the grand daddy of them all will be when everyone joins forces again to take on the Mad Titan Thanos in the ‘Infinity Guatntlet’ storyline, that’s probably going to break the bank and just about every box office record in existence haha.