Robert Downey Jr. joins "Captain America 3" prompting the biggest Civil War questions

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.Leave it to Marvel Studios to be the only studio capable of upstaging itself. While its next big blockbuster, “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” could potentially be the biggest film of all time when it hits theaters next May, the comic/movie world was rocked with the news that Robert Downey Jr. will be joining “Captain America 3,” to kick off the Marvel cinematic version of the Civil War storyline, which pitted Captain America against Iron Man.

By the way, how smart does Warner Bros./DC look now for getting “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” the heck out of dodge for a showdown against “Cap 3” now?

For those unfamiliar with the comic, longtime allies and friends Captain America and Tony Stark/Iron Man find themselves on opposite sides of a proposed superhero registration bill, which requires heroes to be registered in order to do their historic deeds. Cap is not at all in favor of the plan and he leads a resistance force of heroes against the government’s team led by Iron Man, Reed Richards and Hank Pym. Spider-Man finds himself torn between the two factions. The story looks to be every bit as ambitious as the large-scale Avenger films and promises to dramatically shake up status quo once again in the Marvel cinematic universe, but there’s a slew of questions that need to be answered. Here’s the big ones…

How will the sides be split?

Civil War battle linesAnthony Mackie’s Falcon is a lock for Team Cap and Vision, seems an obvious member of Team Iron Man, but the other Avengers aren’t as easy to pin down. Hulk, Hawkeye and Thor weren’t in the comic story, Black Widow seems more closely aligned with Cap following “The Winter Solider” and new Avengers Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are wildcards. “Ant-Man” features Hank Pym and Scott Lang and maybe those two have different allegiances after War breaks out. Ms. Marvel was a major factor on Team Iron Man and Daredevil and Luke Cage, who will be featured in Netflix’s Marvel TV series, will be ready for Team Cap. Also, the highly-requested Black Panther? Also a Team Cap member. It’s safe to assume we’re gonna see a few more heroes added to pad the teams a bit.

Whichever side has Hulk and Thor wins, right?

Civil War ThorDon’t be so sure. In the comic, Reed, Stark and Pym made a Thor clone that didn’t quite turn the tide of battle in the way they intended. And if the “World War Hulk” rumors are true, Hulk may be off planet while his Avenger buddies are battling one another.

What about Spider-Man, Wolverine and The Fantastic Four?

Spiderman-vs-Iron-ManThis may finally be providing us an explanation as to why Marvel is being so petty with the films under the possession of 20th Century Fox by killing off Wolverine and canceling The Fantastic Four comic. It also explains why Marvel is playing much nicer with Sony Pictures to get Spider-Man in Marvel Studios’ films as he is a major player in the storyline. Best guess here is that Sony agrees to loan out Spidey, but Wolverine and the FF will miss out.

Will The Avengers ever assemble again?

You betcha, but it’s going to take a universe threatening force to bring Stark and Cap on the same page again. First look at ThanosGood thing there just so happens to be such a force plotting his attack on Earth … Sounds like a pretty good way to bring the band back together.

Is there any reason to be as excited about “Age of Ultron” now?

Iron Man Captain America Age of UltronHeck yeah. This will likely be used to sow the seeds of dissension between Cap and Stark as they battle Ultron and it’s The Avengers vs. Ultron. Trust me, once you see the trailer you’ll go back to counting down to Avengers 2.

But 2016 is too long to wait, I want some Civil War excitement now!

civil war video gameYou’re in luck. Marvel has collected the storyline Civil War and you can play a video game adaptation of the storyline in “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2,” which you can buy here: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – PS3

  • Fred

    Yeah this news was ground breaking like an earthquake, wow. Probably the news of the year in my opinion. I had BvS probably winning the box office battle with ‘Cap 3’, ‘Age Of Apocalypse’ and ‘Dr. Strange’ in 2016. But add Iron Man to ‘Cap 3’ with a potential Civil War storyline and that changes everything in my honest opinion. I think ‘Cap 3’ becomes the odds on favorite to win that box office battle. So Jeff I take it you’ve seen the ‘Age Of Ultron’ trailer, I hear it’s absolutely amazing and appears to be on another cinematic level than previous films.

  • It’s an actual game-changer once again. I thought BvS was gonna beat out Cap 3 as well. They have time to make it special, but now it’s definitely Cap 3 and everything else.

    Sadly not yet. Marvel showed Ultron and Ant-Man footage after I left New York 🙁

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  • keith

    I dont know what to think, but as a person who love marvel, the Civil War is what brought me back in to wanting to read comics again. It was a touch stone that has led to the great products marvel has churned out. And such planning. The fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom used a lot of characters that are going to be introduced or was just used( yep they slipped rocket in there and isnt someone doing a devil may cry movie). I also had a copy of marvel alliance. Thats im shocked they havent really rolled out the red carpet for black panther considering they did such a great job in EMH (which didnt need to be canceled, show could have easily did the civil war as they did a great job with lastest skrull invasion). I just want this done right. Spidey has to be in this thing and sony need to realize their pitiful spiderman movies need that marvel love ( barring another 9 or 10 from jeff hate, hate, lol). They need to get daredevil and luke cage rolling quick. I guess you can always sub lesser heros/villians for wolverine (he needs a break)

  • Don’t get me started on EMH being canceled, Keith!

    Hey man, I still loved it and looking forward to watching it again real soon Feel free to hate all you want – LOL 🙂

    I wasn’t a big fan of Civil War outside of the great artwork, but it seemed to really get a lot of people excited about Marvel before the movies so it definitely worked in that regard.

  • Fred

    Yeah, now I think ‘Cap 3 and BvS will be amongst 2016 4 biggest hits along with Star Wars 8 and Avatar 2. But with this huge signing I defintel think ‘Cap 3’ now has the edge over BvS for biggest CBM of 2016.

  • I really think Avatar is gonna struggle to come close to matching its previous take. Not sure if the audience still cares about the property.

  • Fred

    I think ‘Cap 3’ will be somewhat loosely based on the Civil War story line and not a note for note take which sounds very wise.

  • keith

    young avengers apperance… lol.. yeah right. they screwed them up in the book (sadly in the name of diversity with is always good, but i think it is more geared to teenage girls so yah and nay for me

  • Fred

    I agree with you that Black Panther is overdue to get the red, blue carpet treatment etc haha. You can’t keep going year after year without introducing a great and groundbreaking character like thatnot even Marvel without it catching up with them in the end. I’ve been saying it for years and there’s been big rumbling for a while about how Marvel lacks a leading black superhero. War Machine and Falcon are cool, but Marvel needs to introduce that LEADING black superhero Black Panther who’s the grand daddy of them all. He brings great diversity and rich back ground story that would elevate Marvel even more. I know there’s been so much talk about Black Panther and I expect to see him on the big screen soon, but come on Marvel and do it already dammit, sign Boseman or Ejiofor and bring it on baby haha.

  • Yeah, but Civil War would be a nice easy way to introduce some lesser-known heroes.

  • Both them and Cloak and Dagger would work fairly well in a film version though.

  • He should, but after thinking it over, I don’t see how he fits in. Right now there’s only two more films before Cap 3 and unless he shows up in AOU and Ant-Man, we’re not getting BP before then. Booo.

  • keith

    we got a talking raccon before a King… We can believe in big chinn death loving space god tryant but not a King who protects his people… hmmm hollyweird strikes again.

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