DC announces full slate of comic book movies #Flash #Aquaman

DC 52 Flash comicThat sound you hear right now is me hitting my head against my desk.

Further reinforcing why they are a distant second place in the comic book movie arms race, Warner/DC announced that a standalone Flash movie is coming to theaters in 2018 and will be starring Ezra Miller and Aquaman solo movie starring Jason Momoa is also set for 2018.

ezra millerLike every other character, Miller is now rumored to get some coffee or wave on camera for a random cameo in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” set for release in May 2016 unless it gets pushed back to find a way to work in a cameo by the entire Legion of Superheroes…

the-flash-fastest-man-alive-episode-2 - barry allenThe problem is twofold. “The Flash” debuted last week to the best ratings in five years for the CW and star Grant Gustin is handling the role of Barry Allen just fine thank you. Given another four years and he’ll come to define the character like Stephen Amell has with Arrow, another CW DC Comics show that has been putting out the best live-action DC action (rivaling the Batman Nolan films) in a decade.

DC/Warner’s chief rival, Marvel/Disney is showing that movie and TV properties can co-exist and even help each other out and create buzz beyond the two a year blockbuster movies.

My other issue is Miller is a fantastic amazing actor, but there’s a much better DC character for him to play – Dick Grayson/Nightwing. I even pitched for him here.

wonder woman jim leeBeyond those announcements, Warner announced the full roll-out of films:

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – directed by Zack Snyder starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck (May 2016)

Suicide Squad – directed by David Ayer (2016)

Wonder Woman – starring Gal Gadot (2017)

Justice League: Part 1 – starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams (2017)

The Flash – starring Ezra Miller (2018)

Aquaman – starring Jason Momoa (2018)

Shazam – starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (2019)

Justice League: Part 2 – directed by Zack Snyder (2019)

Cyborg – starring Ray Fisher (2020)

Green Lantern (2020)

DC/Warner is never going to catch “The Avenger” franchise, which had a far bigger blockbuster announcement on Monday. Its only hope is people eventually get tired of well-planned out films with well-written characters….




  • keith

    ha! To the last line. DC equals dumb and corny for a reason. Just whiz on the current character… so i am assuming the same with arrow if they pulled this. I dont even see it with him. He does look more of a troubled robin. well I will just watch the tv universe as I dont give crap about their cinematic one. the last supermen movies sucked, green latern, horrible, .. if not for batman. And need to get their act together for Gotham. Warner must of never heard of continuity.

  • Yeah, this just reeks of such a blown opportunity for them and I’m really disappointed.

  • Fred

    For one thing after Marvel dropped their bombshell yesterday it seems like DC is trying to respond to that which they can’t, they need to focus on bringing their cinematic vision to the big screen the best way possible. Secondly I don’t like their plans to use another actor to play the Flash on the big screen at all, if they would have used Grant Justin for the big screen version of Flash as well they would have already had great continuity going into BvS and JL, now it’s like they have to start all over with this Flash and introduce him to audiences which is going to be confusing for some, being the Flash is already on the small screen. Some people will be saying if this is Flash well who is this guy, I’m confused. Justin would have been perfect for the big screen and would have translated effortlessly on the big screen. I agree with you that this would have been a great opportunity to introduce Nightwing on the big screen. And why is Suicide Squad now being released in 2016 instead of Shazam which you now pushed back to 2019, with the Rock starring in it, really. Is it really smart to wait 5 more years to introduce ‘Shazam’ on the big screen with a big star like the Rock, o….kay haha. You look at Marvel and you can really tell they have a plan for the present and the future where DC is trying to reach and decide and guess more. Now i do think DC will obviously have some success, but it just won’t be near the level of Marvel’s success IMO.

  • It’s funny as I was working on a Top 5 DC list and then they go and do this. More ammo 😉

    Suicide Squad has to be one of the easier films to make out of this entire slate and Rock’s schedule has to be crazy. The dude is in everything so that doesn’t surprise me that was pushed back. DC is in full throwing against the wall phase.

  • Jace

    2018 for a Flash movie? That just means you want the TV show to be over in four years so they can do another “reboot” for the character.

  • keith

    Agree they are just throwing s hit on the wall and saying “see we are making long, weird plans, that kind of tie into each other sorta” Its like did the executive figure, wait we already have a flash on tv, wouldnt people hate a reboot and orgin story crap all over again. Flash has covered so much of the boring crap in 1 and half episodes( my damn app froze on me last night) then wasting an hour on the other bull. And of course another iris, another group of folks who dont have ish to do with the show I am going to love. Warner screw u, enjoy being a boring constant second. So glad I never got into your crap comics… now you are screwing up the movies.. and yep more boring a zz superman on the way. geez about an Arrow movie… something else!!! rant over

  • Fred

    Haha it does sound like some of DC’s ideas are just throwing some things out there hoping they pay off, where Marvel truly seems to have a vision where they want to go with their movies. There is nothing wrong with having hope that your films succeed, I think every movie studio wants that, but it’s good to have rock solid plans and ideas as opposed to some wishful thinking. I just find it really interesting that DC announced their film line up and plans after Marvel blew the internet up with a planned ‘Civil War’ storyline in ‘Cap 3’, coincidence I think not lol.

  • Yeah, I’m really not down for another Flash origin movie, but I’m good on pretty much all origin films these days.

    You’re shortchanging yourself though. There have been some really remarkable DC comics over the decades.

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