Hunger Games star rumored to play Robin in "Batman v. Superman"

IMG_4911.JPG Jenna Malone, who stole every scene she was in with “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” is rumored to be playing Carrie Kelly in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” I can’t begin to tell you how glad I will be to stop writing out that title.

Continuing to show the influence of Frank Miller’s “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns,” the film will have Malone’s Kelly playing Robin, according to a Wilx-10 News reporter Kirk Montgomery.

Montgomery spoke with an extra at Michigan State where a scene is being shot and the extra said Robin will be a female in this outing.

Due to her prominent role in one of the most influential comic books of all time, Kelly has been a longtime fan favorite despite only appearing in four issues in a non-regular continuity book.

IMG_4912.JPGDC Comics recently re-introduced Kelly into the new 52 universe so don’t be shocked when Kelly assumes the Robin role for awhile in the comics.

I loved Malone in “Catching Fire” and love the casting choice so I’m thrilled that she could be Robin longterm in this new DC movie universe. What do you think?

  • Fred

    Interesting, will have to see how this signing plays out. It’s definitely something new and fresh on the big screen. Definitely different from Nolan who wanted nothing to do with any kind of incarnation of Robin.

  • And if she for some reason doesn’t work, which i doubt, Robin doesnt have to be in the Justice League movies.

  • Fred

    True, I think she’ll work out just fine. If for some crazy reason the movies fail I don’t think it will be because of her. DC does appear to be trying put diversity on the big screen. Obviously you have to thank Marvel for the reason DC, Fox and Sony are all expanding their horizons and sharing cinematic universes among their films. I’m absolutely certain that without Marvel’s dedication and success DC would not have a slate of 10 films from 2016 thru 2020, no way. That being said I hope DC’s upcoming slate of films with diversity lights a fire in Marvel to get on with making Black Panther and Ms. Marvel movies as well as just simply introducing them on the big screen. I’m starting to hear sites say the one area DC has overtaken Marvel in is diversity in their films, and looking at what DC has scheduled in their upcoming slate I tend to agree. Now it doesn’t necessarily mean those DC films will be great masterpieces or something, but at least they are adding diversity to their films. Jeff you and i have talked about Marvel’s lack of diversity over the past few years and how they need to diversify their future line ups more. Right now this is the only true weakness Marvel has and I suggest the kes of Kevin Feige and Ike Permutter do something about that before it comes back to bite them in the you know what in the future. Yes things are going great right now but rest on your Laurels Marvel, don’t sit up there and watch rival companies break important ground that you should be breaking. All that crap about we’re working Black Panther and Ms. Marvel coming out of Feige’s pie hole is not good enough anymore, you NEED to a lot more than that dude. I don’t want to hear no crap about how difficult to bring these characters to the big screen because it’s not in this day in age, not when you’ve got films like The Avengers, GOTG and Age Of Ultron and Civil War coming down the pipeline as well as the Infinity Gauntlet, I think not haha. Now don’t get me wrong War Machine, Nick Fury and Falcon are great characters and have been fantastic on the big screen, but War Machine and Falcon are sorting role players, not LEADING black superheroes like Black Panther is of course. And while Nick Fury isn’t a superhero but a shot caller, he’s a supporting character as well in many ways. Marvel needs to get past that white male superhero dominating mind set, they just have to. Now seeing Scarlet Witch join Black Widow in AOU will be great and a step in right direction for Marvel, but they still need to do more. You can’t hide behind War Machine, Heimdall and Falcon and just say oh we have our diversity, yes but their still supporting characters.

  • Ben

    Knowing how well the character has been done in the comics, I hope they put a solid Robin on the screen.

  • Me too. That is an aspect of the Batman universe they really haven’t gotten right since Burt Ward.