Does DC/Warner have a response to "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer? #AgeOfUltron

ultronSoooooo, about that “The Avengers: Age of Ultronteaser trailer… yep, pretty much everything we were hoping for with James Spader’s creepy-voiced Ultron evoking memories of Heath Ledger’s memorable turn as The Joker in “The Dark Knight,” Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch doing their thing and Hulk vs Hulkbuster Iron Man. That was all it took for Marvel Studios to remind everyone that while yeah it’s swell that DC/Warner Bros. has their slate of comic book movies set through 2020, there’s that towering psychotic robot in the room and we may have just gotten our first look at the film that could be the highest grossing film of all time.

But for the slew of big announcements last week: Jason Momoa IS Aquaman! Ezra Miller is zooming in as Flash! Two Justice League movies are coming! Cyborg is getting his own movie! DC/WB doesn’t have anything to excite comic book fans on the big screen until March 2016 and by that time, “Age of Ultron” will likely have come to redefine how to do a blockbuster comic book movie like “Marvel’s The Avengers” before it.

batman in armor in batman v supermanSo how can DC/WB respond? Easy, get that footage of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” from San Diego Comic Con out first thing Friday to have people buzzing about it all weekend. It may not be Hulk vs. Iron Man, but for now it’s the only thing WB/DC can pull out of its hat that could hope to match the “Ultron” trailer.

That’s kind of the problem with shooting off your big announcements a year and a half early and as WB/DC desperately tries to make up ground for the lost year that is 2015, its going to need to be very creative in stirring up interest in its franchise-starter. But they’d better hurry before Marvel releases a trailer to “Captain America 3,” which will follow “Batman v. Superman” in theaters just two months later.



  • Fred

    Yeah, good luck on that one haha. DC is going to do their thing I’m sure, but Marvel is just in another galaxy and dimension right now, and they have the general movie audiences full and undivided attention like no other studio. Movie audiences are absolutely engaged into these characters, dialed in locked on them. I try to explain to fanboys that if general audiences don’t feel or have connection to a superhero it’s not going to be the big hit you think it will be, no matter how iconic that character is. A hit movie is not based on how log you’ve been around, hell ‘Avatar’ is the biggest hit of all time and those characters have only existed for several years. Look at the big hit GOTG is, those we’re not iconic but movie audiences loved the characters and their story. The Avengers wasn’t the massive hit it because of their 50 year history, it was hit because audiences have gotten invested in the characters, their stories and journeys and they have grown to love those characters plain and simple. It seems every time Marvel drops something DC/WB seems like they have to respond trying to keep up which honestly they’re just not in the position to do right now.

  • Yep. Delaying “Batman v.Superman” is proving costly to their hype machine.

    And the “Ultron” trailer! Wow, so much to get excited about! Hopefully DC/WB is taking lessons on that end at least.

  • keith

    they done son.. lol they send out the whole group of dc losers (except tv flash and arrow) Its going to take a hell of a lot for a marvel guy like me to even blink.

  • keith

    and Happy day my hometown is has dear white people starting today. I actually hit them up on fb and they responded to check back. I dont know how that works but if my email help, I should pat myself on the back lol.. go on youtube and check out their great skits. the new one is racism insurance. on point.

  • So nothing would do it for you, huh?

  • Nice. I figured it would make it’s way to your neck of the woods if for no other reason than its appearance at that film festival.

  • keith

    batman vs superman better blow me away!!!

  • Fred

    The trailer from AOU might be the best trailer I’ve ever seen, it’s certainly the best teaser I have seen by far, it’s that good. Every one and all of these sites are just buzzing about it, I’m trying to remember the last time I’ve seen a trailer with this much impact and juice right out the gate man. This was the type of trailer that had me saying I’ve seen enough, yet I still haven’t seen enough lol. It’s definitely dark and complex, but will still be great fun and have good humor like the Thor scene where the team is struggling trying to lift his hammer. Every time I see this trailer I pick up on something new, which is saying a lot.