• Fred

    ‘Why is not May yet ?’ is right my friend. Whoa this trailer was amazing, and this was just a teaser. I don’t even think this is the tip of the iceberg. They did a great job of showing just enough of Ultron but not too much, I like that they didn’t show him using his powers. I also like that they didn’t show the Vision, save that for later on down the line. We got so little from this trailer but yet so much. I think AOS is going to be the big loser here since this trailer unfortunately leaked online, the AOU trailer would have given it a huge ratings boost. Unless that trailer has scenes we’ve yet to see.

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  • Indeed. You’re right. So many questions, but creepy Ultron was perfect. I’m glad they held off of Vision too.

    I’m very curious what kind of ratings bump those trailer premieres do for shows. If WB/DC is wise, they’d do the same with Flash and Arrow for “Batman v. Superman.”

  • Fred

    True, now if WB/DC truly has something to show with Flash and Green Arrow cool bring it on. But if their only doing it trying to respond to what Marvel is doing than they’ve already lost before they started in my opinion. Do what you do WB/DC and stay in your lane, don’t try to keep up with Marvel by jumping in a lane that’s much too fast for you to keep up with.

  • Ok, say you’re in charge of WB/DC, what would you do to make up ground now?

  • keith

    quit thats what dc should do

  • keith

    #nostringsonme lol

  • Fred

    Unless Marvel just falls off and goes flat or something, I really don’t think WB/DC will make up ground on them. What they can do is get the best writers and directors they can for their films as well as put together solid casts and the will be headed in the right direction. I’ve been saying this for a while, I believe DC needs their own division like Marvel has since they have a better grasp on their characters than WB ever will. Most importantly WB/DC has to make these characters resonate on the big screen to people where movie audiences can grow a connection and attachment to them. You look at the Marvel characters and people can’t wait to see where their new challenges and next journeys take them, movie audiences are absolutely loving these characters and eating them up right now. They want to know what’s going to happen to them, are they going to make it out okay, will they work their problems out and how will they defeat their next adversary. When you’ve captivated movie audiences like that, your doing a lot of things right. DC characters certainly have the iconic status and are legendary, but they don’t have movie audiences attention like Marvel certainly has, they don’t have they’re trust, loyalty or undivided attention. Now they can get that, but it’s going to take some time, some good successful movies and strong build up, the kind of thing that doesn’t come overnight. If WB/DC can stay the course, be consistent, truly dedicated and have a true vision and idea of what they want perhaps they can become a consistent powerhouse in their own right. It’s going to take those things I mentioned for them to truly be successful IMO, rather they can truly pull that off remains to be seen, time will tell. I try to express this to these fanboys that lack the understanding and common sense to understand that it’s about how general audiences as whole perceive these heroes and their movies, not them because their base is limited. But there is no limitations to a general movie audience is there. They don’t get indulged into a superhero’s comic book history and how long he/she has been around, all they care about is rather the film is good or not and do they feel a connection to these characters, their stories, their backgrounds, their struggles and their triumphs. I’m a fan but I think with my head and not my heart, I always try to think rationally when it comes why some companies are more successful than others.

  • You made a lot of good points. I also wonder if the numerous versions of characters have hurt the DC brand. We’ve had five actors (counting Affleck) play Batman on the big screen, three Supermen, likely two Green Lanterns while Marvel has had the same Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Black Widow in all of their films. Continuity probably helps get people into these characters as well.

  • Fred

    Jeff my friend that’s another exceptional point you made, there have indeed been so many versions of Batman and Superman alone. Yes Batman and Superman being on the big screen together for the first time will be a plus, but there are minuses that people mainly fanboys fail to address here like you so eloquently have stated. Yes Batman is bigger than any actor who will ever play him, but we’ve just got finished seeing Christian Bale play him who audiences grew an attachment to, and now just a few later we’ll see Ben Affleck playing him. And I’m saying that Affleck won’t do an admirable job in his portrayal, for all we know he might turn out to be the best Batman ever, I hope he’s great in the role. That being said it’s going to take time for a l of people to get used to seeing a new Batman, and how audiences react to his portrayal is yet to be seen. And will people say oh another guy playing Batman already like they said about Superman. Like you said about the MCU heroes everything is fresh with them, they have that I seen that before with another actor staleness hindering them. They’re characters are fresh in audiences minds and they are all we know in those roles, so we’re excited to see where Marvel takes them next. We’ve seen actors do what Cavill has done in the role, what Affleck will be doing, what Miller will be doing as Flash even though it was on the small screen and what whoever will be playing GL will do.

  • Thanks man. I know I get annoyed when cast members change from film to film so watching numerous starts and stops of the Batman/Superman franchise must be a bit annoying for general audience members. The smartest thing WB/DC has done this go round is locking up the actors for numerous films, including Affleck and Cavill who will be Batman and Superman for a new generation of moviegoers after 2016.

    Routh was fine as Superman, he was just in a dull film. I’m glad he’s getting DC redemption on “Arrow.”

  • Fred

    Yeah I didn’t blame Routh for the film, it was flat with no pop or pizazz in it. Singer did a poor job of bringing it to the screen. Having Cavill and Affleck locked in for future films is indeed the best move WB/DC made.

  • Ben

    I must have watched this about 100 times. Saw it at the cinema for them rise time yesterday too… So much better on a huge screen!

  • Man, I absolutely cannot wait to see this one!

  • Fred

    So many of us can’t wait to see it and yet we have to wait another 5 months dammit haha.

  • Longest five months of the next year!

  • Fred

    Time does go by fast though and before you know it April-May will be right around the corner. The Avengers films always open near my birthday so I’m expecting another gift of a movie haha.

  • Ha. That’s a great birthday present every year from Marvel Studios. Next year could be one of the best ones yet!

  • Fred

    Yeah, I guess the best gift is being healthy and being around to see these fantastic events play out on the big screen.

  • Man, you’re absolutely right about that one! Too much goodness coming to miss it being laid up in a hospital or something!

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