Katheryn Winnick really wants to play this Marvel character

Katheryn WinnickLet’s face it. Getting cast in a Marvel Studios film (especially as a hero with the potential to get into The Avengers) is an actor’s equivalent of winning the multimillion dollar lottery.

Vikings” star Katheryn Winnick realizes that and was quick to share a fan mock-up of what she’d look like in the title role of the recently announced Captain Marvel on Instagram.

Thank you for the amazing #fanart and all the love. Got the greatest and most loyal fans out there! #blessed #grateful #captainmarvel #marvel

Katheryn Winnick as Captain Marvel

Not a bad fit at all. What do you think? Would Winnick make for a good Carol Danvers?

  • Fred

    I would have no problem with Winnick getting the role of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, she certainly has the look and seems to have the look and enthusiasm that will be required of the role. It also doesn’t hurt that she has the experience of playing a role that requires physicality in ‘Vikings’, and she could pull off being a female bad ass on the big screen. It’s several names that come to mind for this role to me and she’s certainly one of them, she might have the best overall package that’s required of the role. Outside of Winnick I’ve heard the names Margot Robbie, Alice Eve, Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt, Yvonne Strahovski and Katee Sackhoff. I guess it’s no different than the names you, me and others we’re throwing around for Black Panther for years lol. There is definitely some good candidates there, who would you like to see get the role Jeff. I think Margot Robbie and Alice Eve would also make excellent choices for Amora The Enchantress, maybe even more so than Captain Marvel.

  • Love your choices for Enchantress although I’d probably lean more to Robbie at this point.
    Chastain could be a lot of fun and I know Strahovski and Sackhoff are the two fan favorite candidates. I remain firmly in the camp of Anna Torv
    Who would you like to see?