Margot Robbie joins Suicide Squad; Will Smith and Tom Hardy also rumored

Suicide Squad lands Margot Robbie

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad may have lined up its first villain.

Margot Robbie hotMargot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) has reportedly signed on as Harley Quinn, the former shrink whose obsession with The Joker drives her to become a psychotic criminal herself.

Suicide Squad is the second film in Warner Bros/DC’s aggressive comic book slate and is set for 2016 after Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice so get set for all sorts of potential casting news.


Jesse Eisenberg is being considered to reprise his role as Lex Luthor, which could work is Luthor doesn’t have a major role in BvS.

Among the most interesting casting rumors suggest Jared Leto is the front-runner by Warner Bros. to play The Joker.

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I’ve no doubt Leto could prove a very intriguing choice to be Joker. Fun fact: Were Leto to be cast, Joker would always have been played by an Oscar winning actor on the big screen — Three-time Best Actor Jack Nicholson (Batman) and Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight).

Joker and Luthor weren’t ever actual members of the Squad — they’re not exactly renown for their ability to play well with others.

The latest buzz is that WB/DC is trying to court Will Smith and Tom Hardy to join the team too although their roles have yet to be identified. I can’t imagine WB bringing Smith in and letting him have a small role so the most obvious are Deadshot, the hitman who doesn’t miss, or Deathstroke the Terminator, the DC universe’s most effective mercenary.

Hardy, an Australian, would make a fun Capt. Boomerang. Of course, Hardy did have some familiarity playing Bane, who did have a stint in the Suicide Squad himself.

DC Suicide Squad

During Wizard World Tulsa, Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) talked with fans in a Q&A about his latest film Fury, which just so happens to be directed by Ayer. A fan asked if he’d be up for appearing in Suicide Squad and he replied: I can’t talk about that right now.

jon bernthal

Interesting. Normally, we get the oh, I’d love to be involved if the script’s right, blah blah, but as we’ve seen with Jason Momoa’s stark denials regarding playing Aquaman, it could be a matter of Bernthal saying a lot with his response.

Who would you like to see show up in Suicide Squad?



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  • Fred

    That’s a good signing WB/DC, Robbie should be a great fit for this role. I saw her being a good fit for three different roles, Harley Quinn, Amora The Enchantress and to a lesser extent Captain Marvel. I think as far as Harley Quinn and Emora The Enchantress Robbie and Alice Eve seem to be among the two best fits I can think of right now, I’m sure there are others I can think of. It would be really cool if Marvel signs Eve for Amora or Captain Marvel, but if Captain Marvel goes to let’s say Katheryn Winnick and Amora to Eve I would be more than good with that. But this signing of Robbie for Harley Quinn is excellent one for DC, now let’s see if they can actually land Smith, Ledo and Hardy, if they can they’ll a pretty damn stellar cast for “Suicide Squad”. From the sounds of it I think it’s just a matter of time before Cumberbatch’s signing on as Doctor Strange’ becomes official, i think it’s just both sides working out details like scheduling and time. I expect to see more strong signings by both Marvel and DC over the coming months.

  • Of those two you mentioned for Enchantress, I was definitely more interested in Robbie, but Eve would work just fine too. Can’t see her as Capt. Marvel though. Seems a bit too “proper” for the role.

    Who would you like to see most in that Suicide Squad movie?

  • Fred

    Yeah I think as far as the look goes for Carol Danvers Alice Eve has it, just don’t know if she has that required grit and toughness that would be required for the role, that’s why I also think Amora would be a better fit for her. As far as the suicide Squad goes I’m all for seeing Smith, Ledo and Hardy land those rumored roles in the film.